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Durex is a brand of condoms under the United Kingdom Company SSL International. With Durex’s creed of Durability, Reliability, and Excellence, the company has become the number 1 condom brand in the world. With investments in marketing and innovation, Durex is recognized as a premium brand of condoms. The company has prided itself in the innovation of the condom market. Durex introduced the first modern lubricated condom in 1957, the first anatomically shaped condom in 1969, and in 1974 produced the first spermicidally lubricated condom.

They have continued their innovative strategy in the creation of non-latex condoms in the form of the Durex AVANTI (Fox, 1995). The range of products that Durex now holds includes over 11 varieties of condoms, along with other products such as lubricants and vibrators. Durex supports the awareness of safe sex and sexually related diseases by the development of different scholastic programs. Examples of this are resource packs for schools, healthcare sponsorships, and campaigns and newsletters advocating safe sex and AIDS awareness.

The firm has also been working with several humanitarian organizations such as UNAIDS, WHO, UNICEF, and Red Cross. Durex has been supporting government public campaigns to ensure the success and effectiveness in reducing STIs and unplanned pregnancies (The Economist, 1999). One of the greatest strength of the company lies in brand longevity and loyalty. Durex has been able to establish their brand name firmly in the market, which gives them a significant advantage. Consumers are not willing to risk buying a relatively unpopular brand, given the risks involved, and will stick to known brands of condoms. However, with the growing popularity of other methods of birth control Durex has to act to make sure that they remain a competitive force in the market.

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2. Worldwide, Durex condom sales account for nearly 30 percent of the total sales. One of the leading providers of condoms, Durex is sold in over 150 countries worldwide and is the market leader of condoms in nearly 40 countries (DoubleClick, 2005). The company has controlled the condom market in Britain and England before they decided to go global. Though other condom brands were present they did not pose any significant threat, and Durex was able to hold around 50 percent of the condom market in Europe. In the early 1990’s Durex had an 80% market share in Britain and 45% with their European brands (Newland, 1998). Durex’s success in different countries can be attributed to their aggressive foray into the international market with widespread advertising in 1994. Earnings increased by 15 percent annually, and worldwide condom sales increased by 3 percent.

European shares grew to 50% of the market, and similar figures are present in Asian countries (Newland, 1998). Durex continues to maintain their dominance in these regions, with ongoing plans for multiple expansions. Eastern Europe has been a target of Durex - with the purchase of several units in Russia the company is planning to raise stakes to 50%. Durex will also open a new factory in China, with the capability to produce over a billion condoms annually (Lundgren & Mustoe, 2009). The only region that Durex has failed to dominate is the United States.

Only holding 20% of the market share in that region, Durex faces tough competition from the leading American condom brand, Trojan. Trojan accounts for 70% of condom sales in the U. S. , nearly four times as large as Durex (Koerner, 2006). Durex has instead focused on other regions because of the immense difficulty in penetrating the existing market base that Trojan has in the United States.


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