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Reflection on organization structure

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As far as organizational structure are concerned, I think there are implications for managers. Managers can use these to their competitive advantage and make the organization more prosperous. For global managers, the implications are that a clear understanding will be required so that there is harmony in the organizational structure, strategies and culture. In the end, the managers must learn how to operate in all types of organizations. (Francesco and Gold, 2005, p. 225 ).

Organizational Culture

Project Globe, defined culture as beliefs and values that are shared and motivate identities, perceptions and occurrences and experiences and will be passed from one generation to the next. (Francesco and Gold, 2005, p. 225 ). (House et al, 2002. p. 5). On the other side, organizational culture is a pattern of basic perceptions, that were created, established and developed by an organization, to help them overcome the external challenges and internal scenarios. These have also been tested and found to be workable, verified and will tend to be inducted in to new members so that they also think, understand and act like the others. (Francesco and Gold, 2005, p. 225 ).

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Reflection on organization structure

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Key Writers Trompenaars (1994) Trompenaars is one of the key writer in the organizational culture. This focused on the inside organizational differences such as how the authority is vested. Trompenaars came up with four main organization culture that are connected to the countries culture. (Trompenaars, 1994, p. 152). Edgar Schein (1992); Prof. Geert Hoftede (1994) The second key write on the organizational culture is Edgar Schein (1992). Edgar dwelt on the seven dimensions that can be implemented especially in the multinational operations. Also read Career Reflection Paper

The third key writer is Prof. Geert Hoftede who alongside Kluckhohn and Hoftede, developed a cultural study that can be used to predict the behavior of the workers and implications based on where they come from. (Francesco and Gold, 2005, p. ) These writer have greatly contributed to the organization culture whether these are founded on national or global points of view. In has been established that the national culture will be influenced by the the religion or the time of industrialization.

This will then impact on the rate of prosperity. ( Harbison & Myers, 1959, p. 117) Certainly, global culture is also making very steady progress in the definition of the organizational culture. This has been in the field of communications and business links. Many Australians will for example be unhappy with the way the Chinese are brash in doing their business. This is evidence that organization culture does not stop at the borders as has been shown by all the above writers. (Francesco and Gold, 2005, p. )

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