Reed’s Position in columbus market

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What is Reed's Position in the Columbus market? How does a super market make money?

Mans. Reed is considered as market leaders when it comes to product quality and they are high-end grocery store. Competition is present in the Columbus market with Reed's market share distributed on multiple levels. Every part of the supermarket from parking lot to checkout counter is designed to make you spend more money and buy more food than you need. Customers may go to the store for milk and come away with a pint of Ben & Jersey's (it was on sale), a fresh baguette (it melded so good), a bag of chips and salsa (for fun), a few cans of soup (while you're here) and a magazine Unifier is dating who?). Altogether the supermarket is retail nirvana.

Q. What strategy would be most effective for Reed moving forward? Is the strategy defensible?

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Mans. In my opinion the strategy should be to work on the profit margin. Using the strengths and using them fairly can make a difference. The $ coupon is not a greatest idea for the firm who deals in the top and upper segment of the grocery stores, where quality is the key not the price. There is a very strong hence that Reed can loose the brand image and the reputation of being top class grocery store, which can lead the clients to leave the brand loyalty. Instead of $ discount and concentrate on:

  1. Customer focus and satisfaction
  2. Product verity
  3. Product
  4. Specifications
  5. Product Quality
  6. Locations
  7. Store layout

Concentrate on Whole Food

Of course customers must see all the efforts Reed is putting in getting them and the way to do it is - Aggressive Marketing Champagne is a way to move forward. How serious is the threat posed by dollar stores and Laid? Mans. -Store and Q. Laid are service a totally different segment of the customers and this niche market. Nevertheless, they will surely take customers from Reed, mainly the customers who are on the lower margin and could become very price sensitive and fall back to the $- Store and Laid.

In other words, the threat is not they significant. Should Collins continue the dollar special campaigns? What is the financial impact of this decision? Mans. Should be shut down ASAP. This is impacting the brand image, reputation and flabbergasting the existing customers.


Reed deed to invest some money to start making some money. I am not doing strict financial calculations, however, it's clearly visible that the investment is needed for Marketing, design or store lay out alterations, training of existing staff to be more customer focused etc.

Reed's Position in Columbus market By geographical what I reckon Collins must include in the action plan -2011 are:

  1. Marketing Budget - for strong marketing champagne to re align Reed and Customer with the strength of Reed. Highlight the quality, product specification and variety available.
  2. Store Layout fix or re-assessment
  3. Long term growth - industry type either subsidiary or complementary
  4.  Training and coaching of existing personals for customer focus and satisfaction
  5. Work culture change - customer satisfaction should be KIP for the supervisors
  6. Discontinue $-Discount and Double coupons

Dove Product

Q :- What is a brand and why does Milliner want a few of them?

A:- A brand is the practical, emotional, or instinctual response that is stimulated in the brain by a reduce or company. Milliner wants fewer brands because it takes time, energy and resources to manage each brand. The more brands you brandish, the more resources you expend. In addition, brands compete with other brands for mental real estate in the customer's mind. With an overcrowded brand portfolio, Milliner may be cannibalizing its product lines, or confusing customers.

Q 2:- What was Dove's market positioning in 1950 and what is the position now?

A:- In the sass's, Dove's position was a functionally superior cleanser than soap, centered on science. Today, Dove is transforming into a lifestyle brand, centered on an emotional connection between consumer/product.

Q 3:-How did Milliner organize to do product category management and brand management in Milliner before 2000? What was the corresponding structure after 2000? How was brand meaning controlled before 2000 and how is it controlled at the time of this case .

A:- Milliner: Product Category Management Before 2000:

  • World's largest producer but lacked a unified global identity.
  • Brands managed in a decentralized fashion
  • Years of slow performance
  • Lack of sound corporate strategy Numerous low-volume brands

Mediocre performance in emerging markets After 2000:

  • Reduce portfolio to 400 "core" brands
  • Path to growth Initiative (Brand building and brand development - separate functions)
  • Concentrate on product innovation to fuel internal growth
  • An initiative to create an overall umbrella brand across all Milliner's brands In product category they offered multiple brand.

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