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5 Things Reed Hastings Does When He’s Not Running Netflix

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Netflix is so popular that it now accounts for .  

It should come as no surprise that . But oddly enough, he never saw himself as an entrepreneur when he was younger.  -- a marine, a Peace Corps volunteer, a teacher in Swaziland, even a developer of artificial intelligence -- all of which he did.

Yet Reed managed to grow the 1997 DVD delivery rental company into the $32.9 billion giant it is today, .

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History and work aside, what is this man about? What are his passions, his hobbies and his interests? Here are five things about the life of Reed Hastings outside of Netflix that you might not have known. He:

1. Changes the way our children learn.

Hastings recently made the announcement that he was creating a . The statement on the reads “Currently, too many children do not have access to amazing schools. Our aim is to partner with communities to significantly increase the number of students who have access to rich and holistic educational experiences."


His goal is to create technologically driven charter schools,  -- rather than just a one-off class twice a week, for example. Hastings believes education is about preparation, and he wants our children ready for this tech-filled world.   

2. Maintains a work-life balance.

. Hastings doubles that. Taking six weeks of vacation a year, he makes a concerted effort to get away for from work for the sake of his physical and mental health. . 

This isn’t one man’s wishful thinking. Psychologists are strong proponents of taking more vacation time, .


3. Fails as a Renaissance man.

While entire articles are devoted to the , Hastings defies the trend by being pretty vanilla. In a recent article published in The New Yorker, . “I don’t sail, I don’t fish. I’m a pitiful failure as a Renaissance man.”

While this may seem odd in the west, Hastings is actually , or an intense focus to one’s work or passion. Perhaps his clear-minded concentration is what made Netflix the giant it is today.

4. Raises Nigerian dwarf goats.

Hastings, along with wife Patty Quillin and two kids, are animal lovers. Their house in Santa Cruz has no shortage of pets. Among them are five chickens, four shelter dogs and .

If you’ve never seen these bizarre-looking creatures, and produce a high concentration of butterfat in their milk -- making them ideal for cheese production.

5. Enjoys a night of “Netflix and chill.”

In a recent interview with Stephen Colbert, Hastings was . Although Hastings was a bit tight-lipped, Colbert eventually got him to concede that he does, in fact, love it. “Whenever I can,” Hastings said.


It kind of makes sense, and perhaps that’s the secret to his success. Hastings has created a business that mirrors his lifestyle. It’s laid back and unpretentious. It’s educational and affordable to the masses. And it’s great for people with no real hobbies.

How can you not build an empire when your business is so in sync with who you are? Good advice for the rest of us -- when you build a business, make it something you can believe in. And don’t forget to take a little down time, too.

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