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Purpose of an Operating System

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CPU and memory requirements are the most glaring but even hard rive partition size and what kind of disc drive present matters. Within the generations of Windows there is a long list of features that separate them. Windows XP was introduced with personalized start menu options per user using the PC. XP was the first Windows SO to self-adjust the task spacing as the user opened more programs. Windows Vista introduced Area, Sidebar, and Gadgets in an effort to enhance the users experience but also to make it easier to interact with the main system through the mini-application based Gadgets.

Simple services like displaying pictures, turning wireless on or off, ND music playback were available that prior to Vista required a running program. Windows 7 further enhances the user experience with modification to Windows explorer and how it organizes the files and folders in an easier to use format. The use of Libraries enables the SO to index files by content and therefore able to group in a way where the user is able to locate a file even if the file is saved in an unrelated folder. The second largest of the major ASS is used exclusively by Apple.

Mac SO is a proprietary system that has a very strict requirement for what hardware will work with the system. Despite the hardware limitations to only Intel Cups and approved motherboards, it remains a huge favorite to certain groups of users like multimedia designers, graphic artists, and music producers. One potential reason for this is because Apple was the first to utilize a simple a graphical user interface (GU') therefore making it easier to use the system instead of driven by often hard to use and complex DOS commands.

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With later versions of Mac like SO X, various technologies, such as Anti-Aliasing and Colors are used to dramatically improve the user interface. Another difference is that a user can pen PC files like . Doc and . AXIS within Mac without problem, while Windows requires conversion software to open Mac files. By doing this, Apple has in effect broken down many important barriers while the average PC user has resisted in adopting a Mac over a PC. Despite some advantages, Mac usage is low, roughly 10% or lower of the entire computer market in the U. S. The smallest market share among the ASS belongs to Linux. Users have been slow to adopt it since its inception in October of 1991 by Lines Dorval. Despite little use by average users, there exists many a version or distributions which ghastly dominate the area of computers known as servers, main frames, and super computers. Linux is also the system of choice on much smaller devices like phones and tablets. What makes Linux exciting to use for some is also what keeps most users away; Linux has splintered to over 300 variations.

Most are specialized for the devices which it is meant to be installed on, but even for use for the mass market of users there are still four major variations such as Bunt, Use, Red Hat, and Knops. Common trait within Linux is that it has a very small footprint compared to larger ASS like Windows. For computer enthusiasts, one can run a distribution of Linux on hardware that is otherwise vastly outdated or run alongside Windows on the same computer.

Another advantage of Linux is the well-established and openly accessible documentation on the commands but also how to configure the System best for the user or the use of the SO as well as how to troubleshoot issues. For software hobbyists and professionals this means that they can basically tailor the system to their needs and cut the dependence on what Microsoft or Apple may offer. Because of the open source nature of the SO, they can both upload fixes and receive enhancements from other users and the committees that oversee Linen's development.

Despite the differences between operating systems a common thread among them is that they help shape the user experience of a computer. By doing so it enhances our desire to continue using computers and their many benefits. Without development of operating systems things such as modern day networks or communications wouldn't be possible. Since new technologies are constantly bringing us new and better hardware, it's the operating system and its development that will continue to encourage the user to ultimately enjoy the device.

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