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Puc 1st Year Model Question Paper

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Q. NO I:

Answer the following questions in a word or a phrase or a sentence each: 1X12=12

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  1. What was Steve crazy about?
  2. Where did the bats live in large number? 3)Why did the narrator feel that his future was secure?
  3. The animal without hands or legs refered to in the story‘The Rightful Inheriters Of the earth’is_______
  • Bat
  • Cobra
  • butterfly (choose the correct answer)

What was the formula given by Einstein for success? )How did the mother understand that her little daughter was dead in the church blast? 7)Who gave the cap to Steve?

  1. In the poem ‘The Ballad Of Birmingham’,the girl wanted to go to _________(fill in the blank)
  2. Who broke the silence in the poem ‘For Elkana’?
  3. The logician referred to in the poem ‘For Elkana’ is__________.
  • The mother
  • The father
  • The son (choose the correct answer)
  1. Where did Steve see his lost cap?
  2. How much did the cap fetch for the Diamonds at last?

Q. NO 2

Answer any eight of the following choosing atleast two questions from the poetry in 80-100 words each: What were the different attitudes of the mother and the daughter about the Freedom March? 4X8=32

Describe Einstein’s sense of humour. How did the narrator’s wife try to kill the rats? What was the result of it? Describe how Steve got the cap in the ball park. Give two instances to explain Einstein’s absent mindedness? How did the son become a binding force between the father and the mother in the poem ‘For Elkana’? Why did Steve have to lose the cap again in the Hudsons’ house? Describe the different interlopers into the narrator’s garden in the lesson ‘The Rightful Inheriters Of The Earth’. 21)Why did the little girl go to Einstein’s house? How does this incident bring out Einstein’sgreatness? What was the effect of Steve’s finding the cap?

Q. NO 3:

Answer the following in about 200 words: 6X1=6 How did the narrator’s wife try to kill the bats? Why was she not successful? OR Describe how Dave and Steve were re-united at the end of the story ‘A Cap For Steve’.

OR ‘Einstein was not only a great scientist, but also a great human being’. Explain.

Q. NO 4:

Read the following passage and answer the questions set on it in a word /a phrase /a sentence each: 1X10=10 Alexander the Great is still considered as one of the greatest conquerors of the world. When Alexander was only 14 years old, he tamed the wild horse Bucephalus. Later, he rode this horse in all his battles. Alexander’s father, Philip, became the king of Macedonia in 359BC. But he was murdered. After him, Alexander became the King at the age of 20.

Alexander had received the training of warfare from his father. The great philosopher Aristotle was his intellectual mentor. The young Alexander attacked the Persian Empire in about 334BC. He achieved great victories and then attacked Egypt and established a city called Alexandria at the mouth of the river Nile. When Alexander entered Asia Minor, he married a rich and beautiful princess, Roxana. He fought his last great battle with the brave Indian King, Porus. He won this battle with great difficulties. He liked the courage and pride of Porus.

He returned the kingdom of Porus and became his close friend. Alexander died in June 323 BC in Babylon. Name the wild horse that Alexander tamed? Who was Alexander’s father? At what age did Alexander become the king? Who was the intellectual mentor of Alexander?

  • Alexander established a city on the bank of the river ____
  • the Ganga
  • the Nile Amazon (choose the correct answer)

Name the city established by Alexander. Whom did Alexander marry? Name the Indian king who fought bravely against Alexander? When did Alexander die? Where did Alexander die?

Q. NO. 5:

Fill in the blanks with appropriate articles and prepositions given in the brackets: 1X6=6 34) Einstein never missed __ opportunity to learn __ others. Once __ little school girl who lived __ his neighbourhood approached him __ his assistence. __ girl went __ Einsteins house. (a, an, the, to, for, from, in) B)Fill in the blanks with the suitable forms of the verbs given in brackets: 1X6=6 35) Steve told his parents that he _ _ (be + play )baseball in the park. When he__ (run) the bases, the cap __(fall)off.

It was still too big despite the tuck his mother_ _(have + take)in the band. So the next time he __ (come) to bat, he __ it in his pocket. Choose the correct form of the verb given in bracket. Bats __ (is / are) not the souls of our ancestors. Nobody __ (know / knows)the right answer. Both of them __ (were / was) in the same place. The boy __ (has / have) a demand. The mother __ (race / races) through the streets of Birmingham. You __ (will / shall) never know it. Mahatma Gandhiji __ (was / is) the father of our nation. Owl __ (am / is) not a vegetarian creature.

Write a letter to the principal of your college requesting him to issue your transfer certificate. Show the following reasons for your request: Your father has been transfered; You have taken admission in another college.

Correct the following sentences and rewrite them: I am loving my mother. She has took her pen Sachin is a best player. 48)My brother and I am coming. You are there, are you? 1X5=5 5 1X8=8

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