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Test Paper Generator(TPG Pro) will provide reliable and easy to use features for conducting test or quiz. This makes it convenient to devise a test paper with one’s own selection of questions or randomly generate test paper from a question bank that has already been deployed and reserved in the database. It works as an aid in avoiding redundant questions In the same test paper as well as reduces manual effort and utilization of paper to a large extent.

This system will beneficial to testing service provider by saving lots of time to develop multiple choice examinations or hort question examination and also useful to parents by generating mock test papers to set up exams for their children. TPG Pro will have good functionality for generating test papers for an exam. Following features are Included In this version. Ability to create manual or automatic paper generation without repetition. Provides Immediate evaluation after completion of test. ? Create numerous analytic reports In the high-tech era of computers, paper based tests for generating test papers to ach student separately are becoming to be a lot tedious, time consuming and the result In Inaccurate evaluation. We develop comprehensive system that recognizes the need for an assessment tool that offers you to create and manage test for educators and trainers. TPG Pro will be the complete set of tools, come up with the bundle of applications which are integrated and work together to create, run and grade exams instantly and precisely. Also allows for generating test and exam with various highly configured test options.

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