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Past Year Question Strategic Management Uitm

Jan 2012 Question 1 a) Some strategist argued that one of the most critical, and yet overlook internal implementation factor is a firm’s culture. Define organizational culture and elaborate some importance and impact of culture in strategy implementation. Apr 2011 Question 2 Discuss the three (3) stages of strategic management process.

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Which stage in the strategic management process is most difficult? Justify your answer. Apr 2010 Question 2 Explain the formal strategic management process according to David (2009).

Describe the specific steps and relationships between the steps within each process. Oct 2009 Question 2 a) Compare strategy formulation with strategy implementation in terms of each being an art or science. b) Explain why organizational structure is so important in business today? Apr 2009 Question 1 b) The strategic management process consists of three (3) main stages. Explain the five ( 5) components in strategy formulation process. Question 2 ) Explain any five (5) differences between strategy formulation and strategy implementation process. Oct 2008 Question 2 Successful strategy formulation does not guarantee successful strategy implementation. Therefore many management issues require management attention to ensure the effectiveness of strategy implementation. Identify and discuss any five (5) major issues that relate to strategy implementation phase. Question 4 According to strategic management model by Fred R.

David, the strategy formulation stage comprise of five (5) major steps. Identify and explain the five (5) steps in the strategy formulation process. Oct 2007 Question 1 Discuss five (5) reasons why strategy evaluation is becoming increasingly difficult with the passage of time. Oct 2006 Question 1 a) Define strategic management b) Describe the strategic management process. c) List two (2) financial benefits and two (2) nonfinancial benefits of strategic management.