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Professional practice

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Further Professional Practice and Creativity

Part 1

Teaching File

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o Session 1

* PDP 6 Teaching Log

o Session 2

* PDP 10 The Work Based Experience Report Form

o Session 3

* 10 Lessons taught ( lesson programs, resources, written contemplations included )

- 1. 01/02/2010

- 2. 04/02/2010

- 3. 09/02/2010

- 4. 11/02/2010 ( PDP 8 / 9 )

- 5. 11/02/2010

- 6. 22/02/2010

- 7. 25/02/2010 ( PDP 7 / 9 )

- 8. 01/03/2010 ( PDP 7 / 9 )

- 9. 16/03/2010 ( PDP 7 / 9 )

- 10. 25/03/2010 ( PDP 7 / 9 )

Part 2

Advancing your professional pattern

( 1 ) Advancing your professional pattern ( detecting other instructors )

I observed one of the beauty lessons, City & A ; Guild Beauty Therapy Level 3, on 01/02/2010. This was a medium group with 15 scholars and the schoolroom layout was a normal U-shape puting where was displayed a scope of silent persons about Anatomy & A ; Physiotherapy and besides plentifulness of postings on the wall about Health & A ; Safety and its statute laws. This room normally is arranged for theory lesson and tutorial so that the four closets were full of workbooks related. There is a set of computing machine and projector which are largely used for power point presentation. The coach used power point presentation during the whole lesson, utilizing the flipchart and white board on occasion if she asked the scholars for pulling the images or adding the excess information.

The coach did the enrollment on clip but there was 2 late scholars came after enrollment. The coach did non take any farther action on the late scholars as I thought they might non truly be excessively late at all. She was directly frontward to recap the subject of the last lesson within the first 10 proceedingss after presenting purposes and aims with power point. I found she explained the purposes and aims were rather clear. Everyone knew what would go on during the 3 hours lesson. I besides found the coach was good prepared some ready to hand notes for recapping. This was a good thought to click the key points out. She moved each activity swimmingly and asked the scholars inquiries before traveling on. When she gave the undertakings for each scholar, some of them showed deficiency of assurance. She encouraged them and explained how to make in add-on to utilizing the Q & A ; A skills to actuate the scholars to try. Reece, I and Walker, S ( 2007 ) explained that communicating was the most of import factor of instruction and acquisition. Developing effectual communicating accomplishment was to see how instructors select the instruction and larning schemes to the scholars. Before stoping the lesson, she recapped the cardinal countries and put some inquiries with the power point presentation. Then she asked the scholars one by one by utilizing the elephantine mike. She explained to me the elephantine mike was a signal to reply and besides gave everyone had a opportunity to show their thought, particular for introvert scholars. It was because some of extravert scholars would reply the inquiries often. I thought the ‘giant mike ' was another good tool for Q & A ; A which supplying an equal chance to everyone reply the inquiries as Hillier ( 2002 p.216 ) mentioned that we are non seeking to handle people otherwise, or measure them otherwise ; we are doing certain that the conditions under which we set an appraisal do non except person.

This was a lesson of Lymphatic System ; the scholars were given a individual inquiry and fix the reply within few proceedingss. Another two of them asked for pulling the images on the whiteboard. As Wilson ( 2009 ) described runing lessons in relation to supplying larning inclusive, instructors will attest in a assortment of ways in general. But one scholar resisted making because she was absence in the last lesson. She did non cognize how to pull. Then the coach showed her some images related and encouraged her to seek. The inquiries were designed as a flow of lymphatic system taken topographic point, from one topographic point to another, so that the scholars answered every bit like as the system works. On the other manus, the coach would compose down their reply on the flipchart as good. I found some of the scholars truly concentrated at undertaking, merely one or two were non, and so the coach would come near to them and assist separately. Most of them showed positive attitude, they used the text edition to happen out the replies or discussed the inquiries with the equals next to them. I found some of them felt nerve-racking when they answered the inquiries prepared because they passed the elephantine mike to the following really fast, two or three scholars passed it straight off because they could non happen the replies by themselves or non certain the replies.

I besides spotted they loved to hear when would be the break clip or wait farther notice about what they would make in the last hr of the lesson. I thought they wished to be off the lesson earlier.

Harmonizing to the first 2 hours lesson, I found they were the same degree scholars because some of them might non reply the simple inquiries, even the inquiries might be ‘single word ' replies. I besides found the coach gave different undertakings to the scholars which were good thoughts ; even two scholars were absence in the last session who could reexamine what went on as good. The coach considered inclusive acquisition and made them occupied all the manner.

I could non happen any peculiar resource which the coach used in the procedure of distinction. However she used a batch of Q & A ; A session to incorporate the professional cognition. I could non happen any obstruction for the scholars ' engagement and apprehension. There were non a batch of scholars to originate inquiries during the lesson because of different undertakings occupied. I merely noticed one scholar asked the specific term of lymphatic system, and so the coach asked her to seek online. That was another good thought during the lesson to heighten the ICT accomplishment or seeking accomplishment.

In decision, I found the coach was good prepared, organized the lesson and really knowing. She did non utilize large words, in contrast, utilizing simple stages and accounts so that the scholars would be easy to acquire the point. Wilson ( 2009 ) Practical Teaching stated that instructors need to sort the 3 basic types of inquiries: closed ; unfastened and linked, at different ability degrees. Effective oppugning requires instructors to see the degree of oppugning in relation to the scholars ' abilities and anterior acquisition, degree of acquisition and the lesson aims. I found she good used the inquiring accomplishment and besides provided an appropriate illustration to explicate what lymphatic fluid is, therefore the scholars would calculate out what it is.

Alternatively, I thought if the coach might utilize some images to demo the system or more lively examples how and what the system works in our day-to-day life or explained some illustrations in relevant to the work in beauty therapy. That might be more utile and adaptable to the scholars.

( 2 ) Advancing your professional pattern ( detecting other instructors )

The lesson observed on 15/03 is Diploma degree 1 Brick Build with 6 scholars, the schoolroom is good organized and orderly, practical and good allocated on the land floor due to the hard-wearing resources such as bricks and metallic instruments. The schoolroom sets up with projector, whiteboard and some usual equipment related, and besides the coach desk put behind the schoolroom which is a good thought to avoid the barrier in between scholars and coach. On the other manus, the schoolroom is set following to another practical room so that there was a spot distractive and noisy during the lesson in advancement.

The enrollment was done before the first half practical session ; therefore the coach started recapping the old lesson with a batch of inquiries to reenforce their cognition. He named the scholars if they were inactive or introvert. However, I could non happen the clear account of purposes and aims before get downing the theory session. When the coach finished recapping, he moved on 20 to 25 proceedingss theory session. Following the presentation how to utilize the measurement instrument, they split into two groups because two different types of mensurating instrument were used. Tutor asked them to group in 3 and tried to rehearse on each instrument. During the pattern, coach asked them to put up the equipments measure by measure and commented which instrument was practical and accurate by comparing the reading, and so inquiring them to show how to set the grade on the wall, etc. I found one of the scholars resisted to rehearse, the coach checked his physical position foremost and let him to acquire some fresh air for a short piece. He besides encouraged him to utilize the nearest instrument and place the benefit of the instrument used below ruddy. Harmonizing Motivation Theory, described by Abraham Maslow ( 1970 ) , focuses on demands, reasoning that basic demands must be met before a scholar can come in a province of head in which to larn. I found the coach was good used his organic structure linguistic communication and patient to actuate this scholar every bit good as demoing his empathy. At the terminal of the lesson, he used some cardinal words to heighten their memories. But I could non happen the coach said anything about following lesson. It might non be really clear.

The scholars learnt from the presentation of picture cartridge holder, rehearsing utilizing the measurement instrument and making the workbook. The coach moved on the following session by utilizing different cartridge holder shown on the screen, so some scholars followed the same process, but some of them sat still and waited until the coach asked them to work with each other. I realized that the scholars were most active in practical session instead than theory session ; I besides spotted one of them demoing his tired face all the manner during the theory session. Wilson ( 2009 ) explained that appropriate instruction and larning methods depend on what instructors want to acquire out of the Sessionss ; what stuffs and resources are available to the instructors. I found the coach made usage of video cartridge holders and asked the appropriate inquiries in this session, so that they would concentrate the treatment by utilizing different cartridge holders whether they felt tired or loss of focal point.

Meanwhile, I recognized that 6 scholars learnt in different manner, two of them were most active in both theory and practical session and besides they normally asked the inquiries most of the clip ; the others two were rather inactive and needed to be motivated, therefore the coach would give them more support and single presentation ; another two were introvert, that was why the coach named them straight to reply the inquiries. As Reece, I and Walker, S ( 2007 ) explained that communicating was the most of import factor of instruction and acquisition. Developing effectual communicating accomplishment was to see how instructors select the instruction and larning schemes to the scholars. Due to the different acquisition manner, the coach accessed the lesson by utilizing Q & A ; A, presentation, rehearsing on the existent objects or single support to incorporate the active acquisition and learning distinction. By the manner I could non happen there was any obstruction to engagement and apprehension. Fisher and Webb ( 2006 ) described the capable specializer as a combination of deep topic cognition and a scope of appropriate instruction and acquisition techniques which make for the most powerful interactions between instructors and scholars. Thus the coach used a batch of Q & A ; A session to advance the acquisition environment every bit good as explicating the different status with his ain experiences and utilizing unfastened treatment with video cartridge holder.

( 3 ) Advancing your professional pattern ( detecting other instructors )

This was a particular lesson observed by Ofsted every bit good as the instruction section of College on 22/03/2010. It is little group of 9, C & A ; G Level 2 Beauty Therapy scholars. They sat in a theory room where posed with batch of postings of Health and Safety statute laws and Anatomy and Physiotherapy silent persons in both corners of the room, four general resources were found in the room which are a set of computing machine, projector, whiteboard and flipchart. There are besides a few closets full of different topics ' press releases and workbooks. On top of the closets are some mention books displayed. I found it a good prepared theory lesson because the room was already set up in 3 little group. Nice, bright and airy do non do the scholars experiencing sleepy ; fundamentally, theory lesson is taking topographic point every Monday forenoon for 3? hours long.

The coach has set up the room before get downing the lesson. Following the enrollment, she explained clearly the purposes and aims straight forwards and besides emphasised this lesson would concentrate on reexamining the BT4, Facial and BT6, Waxing unit towards the scrutiny in May. She besides outlined the lesson was planned to utilize different undertakings, games or activities to incorporate and heighten their cognition. I thought that was an first-class pattern because the scholars might non acquire bored nor would wait for something different happen.

Get downing with three little undertakings of reexamining the codifications of moralss, skin constructions and hair constructions, which were precise and prosecuting as we supposed the scholars knew the three countries really good. Cotton ( 1995 p.18 ) , assessment can garner the information offering initial counsel and advice, so diagnostic appraisal can take topographic point at different phases of the acquisition procedure. Therefore I found the undertakings could measure their old cognition every bit good as actuating their assurance.

The 4th undertaking was a facial matching game, it is one of the merchandises of my creativeness and invention undertaking. Werthiemer ( 1922 ) , the Gestalt theory was the thought of “grouping” , the primary factors that determine grouping were - propinquity ; similarity ; closing and simpleness. It helped to increase the interaction in between coach and scholars, I found they used the cards discoursing with each other every bit good as happening the right description to each facial musculus. There was no mark of opposition even promoting them to inquire inquiries. Before the terminal of the lesson was a large Domino game, coach tried to utilize half of the room to play the game which was a merriment and piquant game because it made the scholars traveling about. I highly liked this game.

Learners non simply recapped all the cognition towards the scrutiny, but besides their job resolution and communicating accomplishment in footings of other cardinal accomplishments. Tutor spoke on the gait, really confident and good voice controlled. If she spoke loud, I recognised she was in whole group discoursing ; in contrast, she scaled down her voice that I recognized every bit 1 to 1 back uping or little group treatment. I found most of the scholars were prosecuting and proactive, they did non demo the amusing face or refusal. Furthermore, they were high participated and showed positive attitude.

I found the undertakings were considered the larning distinction, one of them was fall ining line ; one was circling the image ; one was fiting ; one was happening the missing words ; one was ladder game and the other was “big domino” , whether the scholars were behind or would be challenged more, all the activity were considered the larning distinction. They could besides back up to each other in the little group. Petty ( 2009 ) stated pupils want blessing from their equals, or at least enjoy being successful in mensurating themselves against their equals. I found to boot the ladder game had the same consequence and helped heightening the common and professional cognition really efficient. I observed the game merely ran a half hr, they could about retrieve 80 % of the inquiries and replies.

I could non happen any obstruction to engagement and apprehension. However, the coach gave the victor a small surprise if person finished the game foremost. As Petty ( 2009 ) stated that motive is important for larning ; it provided in portion by perennial success and by prompt support for this success.

The overall lesson was an piquant lesson, I found the consistence of the coach is really of import to keep a originative and quality instruction and acquisition environment. I thought I could truly larn from this lesson what are interaction, inclusion and distinction every bit good as acquisition manners. As Wilson ( 2009 ) outlined the facilitative instructors will pass much clip for fixing, be aftering and planing the lessons. Operating lessons in relation to supplying larning inclusive, instructors will attest in a assortment of ways in general, such as,

* Organizing the procedure in progress with planning

* Connecting with their bing cognition and apprehension

* Using stuffs and resources that relate to scholars to enable them to utilize bing cognition to construct on

* Supplying diverse instruction schemes for assorted acquisition manners

Part 3

Creativity and Innovation Project

Creativity and Innovation Project


As a beauty therapy coach, there is a batch of countries considered. Developing work within our work topographic point is one of the of import countries we should be cognizant of incorporating the professional cognition ; encouraging and actuating scholars ; presenting appropriate instruction and acquisition ; turn toing resources or stuffs creatively and innovatively etc. As Craft et Al ( 2001 p.23 ) stated ‘creative activity is possible in all topic at school and in all countries of life. ' Therefore the creativeness are the intimate coherence of the above countries mentioned.

The Creativity and Innovation Project brings up a proposal and a rationale how the originative resources help learning and larning in the facial unit, every bit good as demoing how I discussed my thoughts and the finished resources with my wise man in the arrangement. This critically study on my undertaking besides finds the action program to explicate how the resources are able to implement in my arrangement.

When I shadowed my wise man 's lesson in the terminal of December, I spotted one of the facial massage modus operandi press release. I was shocked by its presentation which was non to the full presented and non professional every bit good as non demoing the motion way clearly. Following the few more lessons of ‘client session ' , I discovered the scholars could non truly incorporate the professional cognition into patterns such as placing the tegument features ; advancing the extra services and merchandises and saying the benefits of different facial techniques, etc. Ogunleye ( 2002 ) stated the ground of grownup scholars ' underachievement rates in their acquisition were lacks in learning manners ( Longhurst 1999 ) ; and instructional schemes ( Druckenfield 1999 ) because of less encouraging, inaugural and active acquisition. It is decidedly true why my initial vision came up to modify their press release.

Craft et Al ( 2001 p.18 ) mentioned the definition of Creativity, ‘imaginative activity fashioned so as to bring forth results that are both original and of value ( NACCCE, 1999 p.29 ) . ' NACCCE embedded 5 cardinal constructs of creativeness ( Craft et al 2001 )

* Using imaginativeness, it is a thought procedure that will set up a new thought or conceive of something which is non bing before.

* A devising procedure, it is a active procedure and assist developing one 's creativeness or edifice up one 's accomplishment of job resolution.

* Being original, there are 3 countries mentioned the originality: historic, comparative and single. ‘NACCCE ( p.30 ) suggests that exceeding historic endowment will boom when single and comparative originality is nurtured ( Craft et al 2001 ) . '

* Prosecuting intent, it is a fertiliser which can alter thoughts into world and bring forth touchable results. It may make a new theory, scientific expression or new art work.

* Judging value, it is really hard to judge the value, nevertheless, the importance is doing usage of equal reappraisal and self-evaluation by scholars. It may happen different value opinions.

The above key constructs as guidelines covered the waies how I produce the resources for learning and larning in facial unit. As Brookfield ( 2006 ) stated one of the grounds for learning creatively is ‘to encourage scholars ' involvement in a subject ( p.73 ) . ' It means that scholars can be inspired by the coachs ' personal life and passion or can be helped to develop the connexion between the subject and their cognition,

On the other manus, Best and Thomas ( 2007 ) outlined a ‘creative rhythm ' whether we create any teaching resources, stuffs or activities, they are come from our vision or intent. Brookfield ( 1990 ) mentioned an forming vision will assist to let go of the feeling of uncertainness, steering us the clear way in instruction and acquisition. I have come up some thoughts before get downing this new assignment. Since I knew the creativeness and invention undertaking as a portion of the assignment, I was pleased to discourse my thoughts with my wise man at one time. Our first conversation in the terminal of January, focused on how to better the scholars ' professional cognition in the unit BT4, better and keep facial skin status. She explained to me there was a deficiency of support to regenerate and update the resources from the professional administration, HABIA. It costs ?400-?450 for the basic facial intervention learning tool kit. Sing Ogunleye ( 2002 p.175 ) described ‘learners ' underachievement at the terminal of a class programme will ensue in a corresponding loss of support. Besides the direct loss of FEFC support, there might be an chance cost of misapplied instruction clip and college resources ( Fielding et al 1998 ) . ' That is why she is merely utilizing the bing resources and stuffs such as power point presentations, press releases, text edition, workbooks and presentations.

With mention to Petty ( 1996 ) , the originative procedure of this undertaking consists of six working stages.

* The inspiration stage happened in the 1st hebdomad of February, Petty ( 1996 ) described this was non a stage in which to be negative or disquieted. As my wise man 's descriptions, I came up some basic waies. When I proposed the thoughts to my wise man, she advised me to believe about the facial unit every bit good as set uping the professionalism.

* The elucidation stage, I tried to modify the facial massage press release before screening out pulling the facial massage images. Meanwhile, I besides thought what I want to accomplish if I merely modify the press release. What are the internal and unseeable jobs in college? What do the scholars need to larn? What would I like the finished work to be like, functional, flexible, lively, animated or professional looking? Brookfield ( 1990 ) explained that we have to be clear about why we choose to talk. From the first lesson of beauty therapy, I thought to promote scholars ' involvement in a subject. This is a chief intent and way to travel in the following phase.

* Distillation stage, this is a self-critical stage ( Petty 1996 ) . The thoughts I have had were merely thoughts, may non finish solutions. Therefore I brought the layout of facial images in the 2nd meeting and discussed with my wise man. Due to her accounts, support job, traditional instruction methods, non prosecuting and actuating. The concrete thoughts would be come out in the following meeting hopefully.

* Perspiration stage, I generated the thoughts and proposed 3 resources ab initio to my wise man in this phase. They are

1. Flexible facial massage modus operandi press release ( Appendix 1 )

2. A2 size manual ‘smarter board ' ( Appendix 2 )

3. Facial musculuss game cards ( fiting, snarling or sticking… ) ( Appendix 3 )

Harmonizing to the originative procedure, ‘icedip ' stages ( Petty 1996 ) , the last 2 stages of rating and incubation finally will be taken topographic point in the following 2 meetings ; nevertheless, my wise man is busy fixing for the external voucher hebdomad and the observation by Ofsted. I am traveling in front to bring forth the 3 resources. When I produced the 3rd resource, I was stuck on happening the images I wanted. I looked for the presentable, professional looking images but my wise man suggested utilizing the images in the workbook. I did non wholly agree with her. Though, I did the cards with two different images which will be used in the lesson on 22nd of March, the ascertained lesson by Ofsted. Therefore my wise man and I can measure the effectivity. As Petty ( 1996 ) stated ‘many people dislike the rating stage at first. ' ‘Highly originative people are about ever chronic revisors. ' We shall inquire for the feedback from the scholars.

In footings of the construct of creativeness and betterment of accomplishment in grownup acquisition, originative course of study, instruction and instructional instruction are of import facets for back uping accomplishment in grownup acquisition ( Ogunleye 2002 ) . In contrast, there are besides some concerns if ‘the topics of the course of study promote originative thought, behavior and action, we need to pay attending at least two booby traps ( Craft 2005 P. 79 ) . ' First, is avoiding to confound the topic of school course of study with spheres or subjects ; 2nd, is incorporating course of study demands to hold ‘clear understanding ends in footings of the topics that it brings together ( p.80 ) . ' As the statement mentioned the construct of creativeness will assist to better the accomplishment in grownup acquisition, it means that learning creatively will ease in learning and larning more synergistic every bit good as motivation and encouraging.

Equally good as two reminders of booby traps, I came up more concrete thoughts to make one more new extra resource continually which can assist the scholars understanding the cognition in relevant to facial motions. Although the phase of thought coevals ( Best and Thomas 2007 ) seemed to complete and I have produced two resources ( image board and facial massage routine press release ) , Ogunleye ( 2002 ) stated publicity of instruction could assist the scholars ' accomplishment rates, therefore learning and larning should be more originative to do the impact in their accomplishment. I outlined these two resources and discussed with my wise man. She so explained to me how the scholars remembered the names of facial musculuss. I thought the method used was inactive and non fun. Then I came up another thought to polish the 3rd resource ( facial musculuss game cards ) . IDP Survey 2 described ‘the demand for creativeness in larning procedure is informed besides by the world in occupation market where cognition and accomplishment adaptability, transferability, problem-solving accomplishments and creativeness. ' Therefore, the 4th resource is created, a facial brochure ( Appendix 4 ) to reenforce their professional cognition by placing skin features and advancing the extra services and merchandises. I thought the 4th resource will assist them more effectual and work commercially. As Abbott and Ryan ( 2000 ) described, ‘mastery of basic accomplishments such as literacy accomplishments ; the ability to work with others ( communicating accomplishments ) ; being able to cover with changeless distractions ; working at different degrees across different subjects ; utilizing chiefly verbal accomplishments ; problem-solving and decision-making ( Ginnis 2002 p.7 ) . ' In this phase, I found to portion principle with my wise man is of import non merely for development of creativeness, but besides the development of professional strength among coachs ( Brookfield 1990 ) . Therefore, I can understand further what skill do the scholars need to reenforce.

Basically there were some proficient jobs of pulling a facial massage image by utilizing the computing machine foremost if I wanted to demo my wise man the physical bill of exchange or layout during our treatment before the meeting of 2nd hebdomad in February, so that we could discourse farther action point. I have to screen out the job in 3 yearss. After few yearss, when I showed her the layout of new press release, she was highly pleased with the professional looking press release and suggested a farther thought as go forthing some of the images blanked. Then the scholars can pull the motions by themselves during the facial lessons either in theory or practical session. She was right because it would make the interaction between coach and scholars every bit good as advancing deep acquisition and ‘whole encephalon ' larning farther ( Petty 2006 ) . The first 2 meetings were really constructive, we focused on what the scholars needed to larn, how they can larn? How we can assist them to reenforce the professional cognition and retrieve the professional footings every bit good as sing the production cost of all resources and stuffs. As Petty ( 2006 ) stated the 20-80 regulations, ‘Twenty per cent of what we do makes 80 per cent of the difference ( p.3 ) . ' I thought by following the initial thought of modifying facial press release until making a new facial image and other resources which can wholly back up the scholars ' understanding easy every bit good as constructing up the professional image of the college and the class. The regulation besides mentioned that allow us ‘work smarter, non harder, by concentrating on the factors that make the difference ( p.3 ) . ' When my wise man and I brainstormed the thoughts and the layout in February ; our concerns were about at easiness such as the costing ( approximative ?40 for 4 resources ) , clip consuming, inputting and showing the new resources in different group. We have to wait and see the feedback after utilizing the new resources in the undermentioned lessons.

Creativity in the schoolroom, it will promote both instructors and scholars to concentrate on the aims of each lesson ( Craft 2006 ) . In footings of a professional looking press release, associating the images in a manner is related to relevant theory and creates intending and understanding ( Junior-grade 2006 ) , the facial musculuss game cards will wholly back up the press release. As my wise man mentioned how the scholars remembered the names of facial musculuss, which was inactive, surface acquisition in add-on to deficiency of motive, encouragement and less prosecuting. Petty ( 2006 ) explained ‘the scholars must cognize the conditions when thoughts are relevant or utile to do the learning functional ( p.8 ) ' . He besides described if ‘the scholars could interpret the linguistic communication of direction into the linguistic communication of significance and apprehension: mentalese, they would acquire something from it as the ‘penny dropping ' or ‘I acquire it ' feeling ( p.9 ) . ' Therefore the resources I created were ocular AIDSs, ‘this provides another channel through which scholars can construe my thoughts, and it will be particularly appealing to those who think visually ( Brookfield 1999 p.82 ) . '

Craft ( 2005 ) explained that determining a new cognition can affect a scope of degrees of battle and support ; holding some apprehension of what the scholars has already known. The game cards were designed for playing different degree from lower ( fiting ) to higher ( snarling or lodging ) every bit good as considerating of larning distinction. As Petty ( 2006 ) mentioned ‘Bloom 's taxonomy ' , low cognitive demand is a phase of reproducing ; scholars simply recalled or reproduced the cognition from instructor talk. What the instructor has presented, they could province the information every bit same as the instructor. Matching the cards by utilizing the musculuss ' names and the musculuss ' images will supply to the scholars in degree 2 in the early acquisition phase, so that they can be encouraged to achieve the undertaking easy and place which is which.

After a month acquisition, the cards will be used once more for saying the characteristics of each musculus by utilizing other cards with descriptions. This phase in ‘Bloom 's taxonomy ' called the comprehension and application. Learners still stick on reproducing phase. After a few months, by utilizing the same cards and playing like as ‘snap cards ' , this is a ‘reasoning ' phase, scholars can analyse and react creatively or give more item descriptions or characteristics about each facial musculus. They can besides explicate how to handle certain jobs during facial massage such as saying the facial massage techniques to better the musculus tone. This shows how to utilize the facial musculuss game card to better the scholars ' concluding accomplishments and develop their acquisition from low cognitive demand ( surface larning ) to high cognitive demand ( deep acquisition ) . They can besides incorporate the professional cognition into their work commercially. Furthermore, the press release and the cards are considered the larning theories ( Reece and Walker 2007 ) , Behaviourists like memorising ( fiting / snarling cards ) ; Cognitivists like thought ( lodging the cards or pulling the facial motions ) ; Humanists like making ( pulling and rehearsing the motions ) . In order to larning theories, the cards are designed playing with different methods in different phases and the press release is called ‘flexible ' facial massage modus operandi press release because some of hard motions have been drawn and some images are blanked. Even though, the thought of the game cards can utilize the extent to other topics such as castanetss, hair, nails, etc.

The first two resources are finally supportive and prosecuting in learning and larning. However the College does non supply an excess proficient support to tutor except the power point presentation. There is merely one Smart board in the library so that coach can non utilize it often. Supporting the facial unit to the full, the 3rd resource, A2 size manual smart board, calendar looking board laminated, so that coach and scholars can pull anything on the top of the facial images. Best and Thomas ( 2007 ) stated ‘effective instruction sits within the creativeness rhythm ' , ‘teachers need to utilize creativeness to choose the most appropriate instruction and larning methods to accomplish the coveted acquisition results ( p.42 ) . ' That is why I think the A2 seventh cranial nerve pictured board will give the excess support to the other two resources wholly. I besides think ‘the attacks are holistic ( Junior-grade 2006 p.19 ) . ' It means whether or non the facial lesson is taking topographic point in a theory and practical room ; the coach can convey and show these extra resources anyplace every bit good as commixture and fiting with other bing resources and installations.

Petty ( 2006 ) described which learning methods are most constructivist, I agree with this statement, ‘fun learning methods create engagement and so help deep acquisition ( p.27 ) . ' The image shown on the boards is an hypertrophied image every bit same as the new facial massage modus operandi press release. With mention to Gestalt theory ( Reece and Walker 2007 ) , showing the similar kind of images in the Sessionss will be helpful so that they can easy to place and retrieve the motions. ‘Gestalt is highly acute on the nature and accent a relationship with the environment which is a utile attack within researching creativeness and to be originative ( Beadle, no day of the month ) . ' We normally use presentation to demo scholars how to make the motions, in malice of this is inactive, less interaction and hapless larning distinction. I think about utilizing the pictured board which can assist to make the interaction between coach and scholars in add-on to back uping the acquisition distinction further. Petty ( 2006 ) stated presentation is a ‘present ' method every bit good as being a hapless method, therefore, learning via the pictured board will be encouraging and making more merriment and edifice metaphors. Best and Thomas ( 2007 ) explained ‘metaphors are powerful symbols which demand that our subconscious discoveries intending ( p.128 ) . ' The new created facial image will be a metaphor to associate with the facial motions, facial musculuss and other appropriate countries.

Since I learnt the acquisition theories and different acquisition manners ( ocular, audile and kinesthetic ) , I ever consider and plan my lessons suitably and adaptable for different scholars. However, Petty ( 2006 ) described Coffield 's advices to advance ‘whole encephalon ' acquisition. It means that make non type scholars or fit their manners ; incorporating different methods for all scholars ; ‘encouraging scholars to utilize unfamiliar manners ( p.30 ) , the intent is assisting the scholars to develop ‘deep ' attacks to larn. Developing the ‘whole encephalon ' acquisition, Herrmann developed the ‘whole encephalon ' theoretical account ( Petty 2006 ) who outlined four acquisition manners related right-brain and left-brain manners. Dr. Dew ( 1996 p.91-93 ) mentioned ‘the genuinely originative professionals will happen ways to integrate the endowments of both encephalon hemispheres to maximise people 's personal effectivity. ' Herrmann worked out the 4 acquisition manners as theoretician ( like utilizing text edition and bibliographies ) ; organizers ( like treatment and text edition ) ; pioneers ( like gaiety, making ocular treatment ) and do-gooders ( like group treatment, group interaction ) . The chief intent of Herrmann 's work is ‘working with antonyms helps scholars to go more originative, encouraging alteration and growing positively and stating us non to sterotype scholars but to promote everyone to utilize all manners ( Junior-grade 2006 p.33 ) ' . As left-brain thought procedure is really systematic stairss in developing a solution to a job and right-brain minds come up to root-cause analysis ( Dr. Dew 1996 ) . I think each scholar has his or her ain potency and endowment in larning if the coach identifies the 4 acquisition manners mentioned as complementary ways to understand a subject or topic, non in alternate attacks, so that the method used will be more effectual to construct up the ‘whole encephalon ' acquisition. It may besides assist the scholars learn in holistic attacks.

As Theall ( 2007 ) mentioned an apprehension of creativeness allows to transform anterior acquisition and to unite it with the cognition and accomplishments to organize alone construct or merchandises. My perceptual experience is a scholar of beauty therapy who does non wish to read or compose, utilizing visualized methods are the best instruction attacks, nevertheless, beauty healers besides need the professional cognition to back up their work. Sing Herrmann 's ‘whole encephalon ' theoretical account, a brochure of skin feature is designed to assist heightening their professional cognition in order to assisting them communicate with the client professionally. NACCCE ( 1999 p.13 ) described ‘people who can accommodate, see connexions, innovate, communicate and work with others. ' The content of the brochure shows the information in relevant to the parts of face individually ; associating the facial images where they can pull and place the jobs, so utilizing the extent to advance the add-on services and merchandises to the clients. It will assist the scholars ' believing loosely. Best and Thomas ( 2007 ) outlined ‘Alistair Smith 's Accelerated Learning Cycle ( 2004 ) ' , the cardinal facets of the rhythm shown is to construct up ‘the right larning clime and besides closely fit the worlds of classroom-based acquisition ( p.165 ) . ' The rhythm described ( 1. ) ‘Connect ' relates to linking to the scholars themselves as the information shown in the brochure is related non merely their clients but besides their tegument jobs every bit good. ( 2. ) ‘Activate ' involves scholars being exposed to new thoughts, thought-provoking with the stimulations such as images or some descriptions shown on the brochure. ( 3. ) ‘Demonstrate ' involves scholars holding an chance to demo what they have learned such as inquiring inquiries ; group discussing ; rehearsing with equals or clients or having feedback from coach for betterment. ( 4. ) ‘Consolidate ' stage is supplying an chance for the scholars to utilizing the cognition for long-run, seeking the ways in which the acquisition can be extended in other country.

Furthermore, the best manner to assist people to maximise their originative potency is to let them to make something they love ( Amabile 1996 ; Runco & A ; Chand 1995 ; Torrance 1995 ) . As we say beauty therapy class is a construct of art of beauty, a higher degree of beauty healer should be like an creative person to execute enthusiastically and professionally. A beauty healer may hold altered creativeness in beauty every bit good. Teachers may integrate the above statement and learning rhythm into schoolroom by utilizing a kind of resources to heighten their possible. Therefore the brochure will originate their apprehension in deepness. As Craft et Al ( 2001 ) stated the appropriate usage of temper is farther originative properties that should be encouraged and developed in larning taken topographic point. That is why the mentality of the brochure will be designed more merriment instead than a formal press release. It may besides plan a quiz indoors so that the scholars can utilize the extent to their clients. Craft ( 2005 ) stated a theoretical account ‘learning to growing ' , offering chances for scholars to research in their ain clip and infinite, avoiding models that could travel scholars into placing inquiries or replies before they may be ready. The brochure may make the manner how the scholars develop ‘learning to growing ' every bit good.


Craft et Al ( 2001 ) described, ‘Roger claims that learning can merely be a meaningful and valuable activity in that it provides an environment in which acquisition can be taken topographic point ( p.106 ) . ' It is perfectly true as instructors provide an appropriate resource and stuff every bit good as incorporating the scholars ' originative thought. The originative attack of humanistic theoretical account ( Craft et al 2001 ) mentioned a student-centred acquisition which are placing the acquisition needs ; acknowledging the demands as incentives in acquisition ; utilizing the demands as the footing for easing acquisition ; sharing feelings and ideas with the larning group.

Harmonizing to the feedback from C & A ; G Beauty Therapy degree 2 scholars, the facial musculuss game cards, are easy to understanding and assist them to larn. That is why I think the resources in creativeness and invention undertaking are adaptable, gratifying and knowing, in add-on to the economic standards ; they can be massively produced at college 's printing room. Basically, they are supportive, prosecuting and synergistic in both scholars and coachs.

Part 4

Brooding Decision

Brooding Decision

As Kolb ( 1984 ) suggested that without contemplation, people would go on to reiterate their error. Since the faculty started I struggled to the words ‘teaching creatively ' and ‘teaching for creativeness ' . I thought they seemed to transport the same significance but they were non. I was confused ab initio when I started my written work. I tried to understand the words and seek the mentions, there was a book called ‘Handbook of Creativity ' from Sternberg which stopped me to read. I found it could non turn my involvement because of the words used, they are little, large words and excessively academic. Meanwhile I thought if I created something like this, the consequence was the scholars would non be encouraged or non understand. That was why I refined my 4th resource. As Brookfield ( 2006 ) stated one of the grounds for learning creatively is ‘to encourage scholars ' involvement in a subject ( p.73 ) . '

In contrast, I found the faculty would be the most interesting one compared with other faculties as making some physical groundss ( resources ) , which would assist to heighten my learning files every bit good as being originative. Ogunleye ( 2002 ) stated betterment of accomplishment in grownup acquisition ; originative course of study, instruction and instructional instruction are of import facets for back uping accomplishment in grownup acquisition. I found that was truly true as I examined the feedback from one of the originative resources where the scholars commented the facial musculuss cards ' activity could assist to reenforce their professional cognition in add-on to incorporate their apprehension. However they suggested polishing the descriptions of the musculuss characteristics, they said there were a spot confounding in some descriptive characteristics. I thought I might come back to my perceptual experience that the scholars still stayed with their comfort zone, ‘the low cognitive demand ( Junior-grade 2006 ) ' . I went back to look into all the descriptions and asked my wise man for remark. There was nil incorrect but they were non the same statements as their usual text book.

I thought the scholars might simply be familiar with their text edition and would non travel further to research excess descriptions from other mention books. Sometimes I thought the cards could whether assist them to advance high cognitive demand ( Junior-grade 2006 ) or they would non desire to spread out their professional cognition. In malice of this, I was assured that the cards could make the inclusive and prosecuting larning. As I observed the lesson, I realized they enjoyed to play a portion of the activity and discussed with the others.

With mention to the Kolb 's learning rhythm ( 1984 ) , brooding observation, I learnt from this was to happen the first individual to polish the job if there was something needed to modify. In another phase, abstract conceptualisation, I have to believe about how the cards be presented for the following clip. I have to utilize the prepared musculus names together so that the scholars would non be confused which is which.

Apart from the scholars ' feedback, I found other utile feedback from the detecting coachs. They could assist me to travel frontward every bit good as pull offing the ulterior comer, how to cover with their unacceptable attitude, their assessment public presentations, etc. I realized I was more unfastened and positive to cover with the above aspects since one of the scholars who could non accomplish the demands during being assessed. I thought if I did non discourse with her public presentation in deepness, I could non assist her to go through the appraisal. Ecclestone ( 2005 p.15 ) explained that feedback can assist scholars to place their acquisition 's advancement and accomplishment relating to the summational standards for appraisal. I recognized that she gained a batch of betterment in her following appraisal after giving constructive feedback. As Ecclestone ( 2005 p.2-3 ) stated that the thought of appraisal is built-in to effectual acquisition and motive underpin efforts to maximise the educational benefits of appraisal. She was non the lone individual I had to discourse with, there were besides two scholars I tried to discourse with their practical accomplishments. I found their active battle with feedback is all built-in to its effectivity ( Ecclestone 2005 ) .

I obtained reasonably much benefit from detecting other instructors where I recognised their common instruction manner as they facilitated the lessons were prosecuting, inclusive, synergistic, utilizing appropriate instruction methods and resources. I found there was a batch of thing to larn. I have to utilize some extent to my future lesson such as a elephantine Domino game and a elephantine mike, particularly, one of coach demonstrated his empathy on the scholar.


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Appendix 1

A facial massage modus operandi press release

Appendix 2

A2 size manual ‘smarter board '

Appendix 3

Facial musculuss game cards

Appendix 4

A facial brochure

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