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Persuasive Speech Outline

Persuasive Speech Outline – Ghost I. Introduction: A. Attention-Getter: Do you believe in ghost or the existence of the afterlife? B.

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Link-to Audience: You may not even believe that actually ghosts are everywhere around us, but, they are. C. Speaker Credibility: I am here today to share with all of you my research on ghost. D. Thesis Sentence: I will convince you that the existence of ghost is real. E. Preview of Speech: Firstly, I would like to define ghost. Then I’ll begin with explaining some old folks’ “rumours” or “saying”.

Then I would like to share with you an article of a Doctor’s experience of the afterlife. Transition: Let’s begin with a question. II. Definition A. Ghost is defined as the spirit of a person that has died. Transition: Most of you heard of other people’s supernatural experiences such as a ghost possessed and near-dead experience but only few of you experienced on your own. So why and how it can happen? III. Explanation A. The existence of the human magnetic field B. The proximity of the magnetic oscillation frequency

C. Energy conversion Transition: You may think that what I’ve told you are just crapping. Believe it or not, now I’m going to tell you some true stories that happened from my friends. III. True story at: A. Amber Court, Genting Highland B. Ria, Genting Highland C. An abandoned hospital, in Selangor. Transition: Although currently we still cannot provide a scientific proof of the existence of ghost, sometimes things may happen magically without any reason. IV. Conclusion A.

Restate thesis: Remember, ghost exists around us. Most of us can’t see them because we are in different magnetic field. B. Restate main points: I have briefly explained what is ghost and how does ghost possession can happen and I have told you few true stories of my friend. C. Call-to-Action: Believe in the existence of ghost is not scary but more like a prevention. They exist because of us, dies. They make no harm to us if we don’t provoke them. D. Clincher: So, be careful guys. Those empty seats are occupied by “them”.

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