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People with Mental Disorders

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People with psych problems Like depression and anxiety have Increased likely hood of "bad trips" Hallucinogenic Properties: -Hallucinations (no rope on table, but a snake is on the table) -Illusion (rope on table is a snake) -Delusions (fixed false belief) -Interrogated Amnesia (Wake up next day, can not remember what happened) - Kinesthesia (crossing of the senses, see sounds, hear colors etc... ) Hallucinogens and Brain Chemicals -Serotonin (5-HTH Receptor) -Some effect on dopamine, nor-epinephrine, acetylene's) sleep, Serotonin depleted brain afterward Physical Effects Increased Blood Pressure/Heart Rate -Inseminating -Blurred Vision -Enlarged Pupils -Sweating -Diarrhea -Muscle Cramps -Dehydration After effects of usage: -Confusion -Fatigue -Depression -Damaged Serotonin Neurons (with frequent abuse) Serotonin depletion (For next 2 weeks) Includes numbness in emotions LSI - 1938 Sand's Pharmaceuticals

FBI tested as a mind control drug in sass Timothy Leary, sass way to get in touch with your feelings sass resurgence of use, with the advent of the rave (urban people in ass/ass, and homosexuals) sass much more into high school/teenage use Northern California is where most USA LSI made in alcohol type solution, put it on blotter paper 1 1 lbs of material can supply the entire country Slows reaction times and Judgment, suicide in bad trips, confusion causes suicide also. Ecstasy The most popular drug currently, mix of amphetamine and psychedelic, sass use for weight loss. SASS psychiatrist studied use in treatment of PATS, patients reported it helped them get in tough with their feelings and explore the traumas DEAD in mid sass outlawed it sass rave scene Effects; Energy, empathy, love, dance, sexual desire southwest raves, 2-3 day long dances, 2-3 people die from temp issue Not taken then sat on couch or as only drug at the same time Mostly pill form.

No regulation, made in homemade lab, no idea what is in it, sometimes put ephedrine, or PC. Sometimes just pure chalk. Unpredictable, next day very depressed/suicidal, tolerance, mental ere high, physically not so much. Astatine, anesthetic, put you out of surgery, vets use it, most of the time people steal from medical. Euphoria, no pain, lots of amnesia, used as date rape drug PC also anesthetic, not usually used in medicine anymore, unpredictable, bizarre behavior, very hard to titrated the dose, from pleasant to seizures etc.. Aggression and suicide Are they addictive, generally more psychological addictive then physical, but do have some physical. Can they cause psych disorders?

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Thought about cause of psychotic disorders or dementia, it is possible, there is a higher risk Main danger is the increase in teenage use, 1 in 10 have used in the last month, they are cheap, easy to hide, don't realize the seriousness of the drugs. Are they treatable? No med BUT treatment centers do treat. Usually go because of another drug. Change of lifestyle is important for treatment, no more raves or clubs it is easier to abstain. Controversy of Astatine in psychiatry, can give for acute suicidal, immediate assistance. Can divert a lot of hospitalizing for suicidal ideation. Can be opening Pander's box, mainly because of drug seeking. Inhalants Todd Clement, MD Adolescent and Adult Psychiatrist

Inhalant abuse, 1000 commonly used household items also laughing gas, sometimes even gasoline vapors! Active ingredient is Talking, very damaging to the brain, very cheap to obtain or have around the house. Dangerous for children How it's Done -Sniffing (directly from container) -Huffing (soaking rag and then putting in mouth, socks, gloves) -Bagging (spray in bag then breath in) -Ballooning (in Balloon similar to bagging) -Spraying (spray into mouth into the throat) -Sleeking (spray it or pour it into cuff, and can use throughout the day) 12-17 largest users, 4th most abused substance (behind alcohol, nicotine, marijuana) in 4 High School say they have used, 1 in 10 8th graders have tried What made you start?

A friend or older kid talked into it Hipic kids particular at risk, and Kids that spend a lot of time home alone Children/teens don't usually note the risk Young adults also use, low social-economic status and less educated, may be because they are a cheap high "Quick Drunk" few seconds to get to brain Mental Effects -Mood Elevation -Reduced Inhibitions -Excitement -Impulsiveness -"out of Body' experiences -Drowsiness/laryngitis -Dizziness -Slurred Speech -Balance Problems Dreamy stupor at high doses- violent or suicidal High lasts only about 30 minutes After use irritable headache tired DANGERS -Sudden Sniffing Death Syndrome (Suffocation/Asphyxiation, displace 02 in brain) - Asphyxia from vomiting -Coma -Seizures -Suicide -Brain Damage (brain uses 25% of 02 supply, cutting off even for a few minutes will kill cells) Sends signal to heart, so increase Blood flow (increased HER and BP), small capillaries will pop from surge, then 3-4 cells die since that is the only feed for them.

Outline: Is the toxic substances, can destroy the mainline sheath, that helps it work eight, like electrical lines and there coverings, Brain looks like an MS patients, Can damage hearing vision and cerebellum (destroys balance) Nitrates: sometime also toxic substances 12-17 brain still develops, so can derail developments Brain damage, hearing loss, sense of smell, damage speech, heart attack, Nausea/ Vomiting, Liver damage, kidney damage, Bad pain quickly, not Just 12-17 years old getting addicted, Dental Field or Anesthesiologist abuse nitrous, Long Term Effects - Permanent Memory Problems, dementia at early age, effects hippo-campus (helps consolidate memories) Tremors Balance Problems Emotional Instability Can it be treated, yes BUT, most treatment centers don like, due to failure rate, and long term recovery needs, really a gateway for other use How can I keep my Child safe?

Know what is in your house, keep it out of there reach and keep an inventory, educate your children of dangers, know what they are doing especially if they are home alone ALTO, know where they are spending their money Bottom line, know your kids and watch them Patient with problems, encourage them to get help, intensive outpatient treatment is good. How do I know if my child is using? Chemical odor on breath/clothes -Rags or empty aerosol cans -Paint Stains on clothes/body -slurred speech/poor balance, appearing drunk -change in personality -Change in Grades Prescription Drug Abuse Michael R. Eyeless, MD Eyeless and Crawford Consulting ACE Addictions and Recovery Series This is probably the one that goes to church on Sundays.

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