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Our Dreams

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Each of us has many dreams and in fact they are a sign that we are alive, we exist and we are going forward despite the situation we live in. My dreams, like every young person, are countless. When we had midterm break my boyfriend fulfilled this long dream as a gift for Valentine's Day. We visited Venice and Bergamo. Our` hearts and souls are still there with the beauty that surrounds us.

There everything is like in the movies I've seen with the difference that when you get up, you look around and realize you're part of the Italian breeze, your heart starts to beats as it wants to jump in order to enjoy beauty and intoxication with you. I'm still really excited even when I remember my experience. I can tell each destination separately for days. The one I chose to tell you is our last destination - Venice. The magic that conceals this magical place causes every visitor to yearn to return again and again there.

The small, narrow streets have preserved the charm of the past times, bringing warmth, love and romance to tourists. I remember when we arrived at the boat at dusk. We went right in San Marco Square. The majesty of the basilica, pigeons and music of the symphony orchestras of every restaurant made everything in us dancing. We continued our tour around the island with a visit to all the sights, and for me The most beautiful place was the Bridge of Sighs.

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Our Dreams

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There I received my first Italian rose, which I keep to this day. The view provokes us a warm sigh and a desire to stop the time and to stay there forever. In the evening we were in a small restaurant at the Grande Canale, drinking red wine and enjoying the sunset. Love, Italy and Venice really go hand in hand.

This country makes an unforgettable gift to every visitor by donating memories of eternal beauty, intoxication, romance and love. Once you have visited Italy, there is a warmth in your heart that keeps trembling and leaves the feeling that you have forgotten something and you have to go back and look for it.

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