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Operations Strategies and Change Management

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Globalcast was one of the world’s largest manufacturers of metal and plastic molded components to almost every industry, including automotive, consumer durables, telecommunications, computers, power tools, etc. With over 100 manufacturing facilities, it operated on every continent, usually in areas of established or emerging industrialisation.

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Operations Strategies and Change Management

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. Globalcast’s relationship with large global consumers

Growth is essential in any business as it enhances the profitability of the company which also enhances its image. Globalcast was one of the world’s largest manufacturers of metal and plastic moulded components to almost every industry, including automotive, consumer durables, telecommunications, computers, power tools, etc. It has over 100 manufacturing facilities across the world especially in areas where industrialization has been developed. In Europe there were large factories in the UK, Germany, France, Spain and Italy, and smaller ones in Scandinavia, Austria, Turkey and Israel.

This therefore meant that it had wider market coverage in the region and this was because the company produced quality products so as to retain its clients. Globalcast has good business relations with its large global customers because it has dedicated itself in the provision of quality products as well as products to its customers. It has established its business with large organisations in the region which has ensured that the business benefits from the good business image. Since its operations are distributed in different countries, attention is given to each business unit.

Every factory in the region was a semi-autonomous profit centre therefore this meant that they concentrated on maximising their profits by increasing the output of the company. “Moreover, the managers of these units ensure that the operation are conducted smoothly and within their operational business plans (Lowson, 2002, 244). ” New business was generated by national marketing and there trading partners were always informed of such endeavours especially through word of mouth.

The small technical sales teams at each factory had the responsibility of following up enquiries while arranging visits to the customer where they would give technical advice as required. Moreover, they followed by the preparation of quotations while providing design assistance to its customers. Another positive relationship between Globalcast and its customers was that the advisor to the factories always suggested ways that would improve the designs of the products and this therefore meant that they produced cheaper products for their customers.

The mould costs were also calculated and since the customers paid from the outset, they retained ownership of the products. This therefore meant that they knew that their transactions were always secure and because of the affordable prices, the company retained these large global customers. Globalcast also offers specialised services for its customers. For instance, it organised the purchase of moulds for its customers thus relieving them of the transportation preparations. This was beneficial to the company also as they made profit of about ?

50,000 from the activity. The relationship between a company and its customers is not supposed to end when their trade transactions are completed. Globalcast has ensured that they retain their clients by ensuring that they continually improve on their services and products. This they do by maximising on existing assets through exploitation and enhancing operational excellence for future success. “This initiative increases operations flexibility, reduces certain operations costs and progresses strategic investment plans of the business (Grimwade, 2000, 120)

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