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On the Concept of National Community

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The piece On the Concept of National Community by Cesar Adib Majul simply discusses about Dr. Jose Rizal’s analysis in his community during his time and his analysis about it too. The piece mainly discusses about the basic defects that can be observed, that is traceable to the Filipinos. First, the defects of their educational training at home and in the schools and second is the lack of the national sentiment. As you go further on the piece, you’ll find yourself discovering how Dr. Jose Rizal tried to make the Filipinos understand what “national sentiment” is and how its absence affects the society Filipinos are into.

How he tries to develop it in each and every Filipino through his writings for he believed that its development might not only reduce indolence but might slowly inevitably do away with what was depressive and stifling in the colonial regime. The first one that was discussed was about the kind of educational system the Filipinos have during Spanish regime. The attempt at personal improvement beyond the formal curricular requirements was judged by the authorities as presumptuous. How the educational system stifled the development of every Filipino which would have become productive and progressive.

The second that was discussed which covers almost entirely the whole piece was about the absence of national sentiment and how each works of Dr. Jose Rizal tries to put it in every reader. And this is the thing I want to focus on. Dr. Jose Rizal’s work are complex, it is difficult to discover a positive description of what he called national sentiment but he characterized situations that reflected its absence, and in at least one case, he pointed out an evil in the society that might be due to its absence. According to the piece, there are three negative characterizations which can be found in La Indolencia de los Filipinos.

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The first one was an absence of national sentiment that allowed the individual “to be guided by his fancy and his self-love. ” Which was portrayed by the character named Dona Victorina in Noli Me Tangere due to her desire to imitate the mannerisms, the idiosyncrasies and everything associated with the Spaniards, she succeeded only in making herself ridiculous. It is still observed in these modern days. How other Filipinos are more interested of imitating the foreign countries’ products, their language, and even their lifestyles not only among rich people but also among the average ones.

It is very heart breaking to see how others have forgotten or does not pay attention to the great things that their own country have. They even leave the country and choose to stay to another country in great belief that they have more chances to be progressive out there. They are so absorbed in the other countries culture leaving behind our own. Secondly, the lack of national sentiment brings another evil … which is the absence of all opposition to measures prejudicial to the people. Another character without national sentiment was Basilio in El Filibusterismo.

In spite of reminders by Simoun regarding injustices visited upon his mother and his brother, Basilio was not willing to take any risk in defense of justice. He had attained some achievement in the academic world, and he was graduating as a physician in a few months. He deemed it important not to alienate the authorities for fear that all he had been working for would be scattered to the winds. Basilio maybe wanted to have revenge for his mother and brother but he chooses not to for fear of opposing the authorities and would bring harm to his future.

The problem need not be one of revenge but one of preventing future injustices. Essentially, the problem is that of national sentiment because the issue raised is whether one should oppose the injustices occurring in the future, regardless of possible consequences to him who opposes. This too is still observed in our country. It can be observed from smallest crime committed (someone being rob or abused in public but those who sees them does not try to get involved in fear of harming their own life) up to the largest one (a corruption that has been witnessed but choose to shut in silence in fear of losing his own position) .

Injustice still lingers in our country and it seems that it does not stop. If only one could let himself involved and does not let himself outranked its personal interest and comfort to the social society it would have been a very different society, different story for all of us. Thirdly, the lack of national sentiment brought about “the absence of any initiative in whatever may redound to its good (the peoples)”. The character who vividly portrayed this was Senor Pasta in El Filibusterismo he was in position to do something for what could contribute; it was believed, to the ultimate betterment of Filipino society.

But he considered the whole project as one involving personal risks and he was afraid of reprisals from vested interests. However, it is more important to note that Senor Pasta was a man who used to work for himself and who did not have the conception of other interests more general and socially more important than his own particular or personal ones. This is again observed until now. How each people ignore their chances to participate on something which could lead to social improvement. There are lots of things that the piece discussed but these are the things that caught my attention. Sad to say but the national sentiment Dr.

Jose Rizal wants each Filipino to develop or to have hasn’t been absorbed yet. These dilemmas that he has seen and does not want to continue are still haunting our country. If Dr. Jose Rizal is still around and is planning to write a novel or essay to tell people and make them realize how important national sentiment and loyalty to country is, I would ask him to make me a part of it for I portray each of the three negative effect of absence of the national sentiment. The first one is the absence of national sentiment that allowed the individual “to be guided by his fancy and his self-love.

” I disregard Filipino songs or movies because I find it cliched. And I even consider working in the other country and live there because I find it unprogressive here in our beloved country. And I am so much interested with the literature and kind of education system in other countries that if I ever have the chance to choose where to study I’d be more than willing to go there. These are the few things of the many I had which falls on the first of the three negative characterizations of absence of national sentiment. I strongly believe that I am not the only one who has this kind of thought.

Instead of thinking what could be done to improve the problems that our country is facing some would prefer to think of their way out into it by leaving the country. Secondly, the lack of national sentiment brings another evil … which is the absence of all opposition to measures prejudicial to the people. Opposing the authorities is a very sensitive issue to face. Maybe people choose not to get involve for the fear of harming himself and his family. He maybe just wants to protect himself from the powerful hand of the authority not knowing that what he was doing is giving the injustice a chance to happen again.

Like letting the “kotong cops” get your money just to let you pass in a traffic violation thinking that opposing them would just aggravate the situation so you just let them do what they want. It may sound stupid that people are letting this to happen instead of calling the authorities to stop these little corruption but if you are going to ask me and some people we would just let them get what they wanted because in my opinion the fear of the consequences if you oppose them. And how can you even report this to the authorities if the authorities themselves are the ones who are doing the crime?

Thirdly, the lack of national sentiment brought about “the absence of any initiative in whatever may redound to its good (the peoples)”. Some thinks that being involved or not won’t make any difference in some issues the country is facing which too bad I have thought of too. From the simplest signature campaign that was about an “anti” or “pro” ideas up to the invitation to join the movement for this or that. People are too busy with their own lives and pay little attention to what’s going on with their society or sometimes it’s just their indolence to participate into some movements about social improvements.

Like for example is for the election of the president or voting time. Some people do not participate into it. Saying they are too busy or whether thy vote or not our country wouldn’t grow or improve. Or in a simpler situation and a situation I’ve been too, like protest groups are asking me to join in their movement to fight for education or human rights but I just shrugged my shoulders on the idea thinking it would cost me so much efforts and time even I in the other hand can also see what was wrong in the system and what they’re fighting for.

After reading the piece it made me realize of how important national sentiment is and the things that would happen if only everyone would have it. I’ve realized that reading the history of the Philippines, singing the national anthem or saying “I’m proud of my country” does not make me patriotic instead a true patriotic Filipino have their national sentiment and let himself involve in things that could help his country improve or grow.

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