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Old Toen White Coffe Marketing

INTRODUCTION Old Town White Coffee, founded in 1999, made history when the company became the first, the pioneer white coffee producer to manufacture and launch the famous Malaysia Ipoh White coffee as a 3in1 instant Blend. Old town White Coffee 3in1 classic together with the original recipe from 1958 spearheaded a breakthrough in the coffee industry. The company single-handedly captured the original authentic taste of an otherwise localized white coffee, turning in into a mobile commodity a fast moving consumer good (FMCG), capturing the South East Asia market.

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LOGO, VISION & MISSION Logo The Old Town White Coffee goal is to let everyone enjoy every sip authentic Malaysian Ipoh white coffee anytime and anywhere. Vision To be Asian Pacific’s Leading White coffee producer providing high quality products to customers globally. Mission To promote our unique Malaysian taste- the authentic Ipoh White Coffee and continue White Coffee Legacy the rough continuous improvement and innovation that exceeds customer expectations. By setting precedence Old Town White Coffee have made a standard that equals excellence, pushing other brands to do the same.

Strive for continuous improvement, incorporate innovations and technology in our commitment to create customer value in our both product services. These continuing efforts maintain and reinforce our market leader status and more us forward to become a leading White coffee producer in Asia pacific. SWOT ANALYSIS STRENGTHS-The profits obtained by Old Town is quite high compared to other coffee shop in Malaysia. -Offer other foods, such as “heavy food”-Has many branches throughout Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong. | WEAKNESS-Old town coffee also depends an the coffee and makes them difficult to diversify their product. Innovation is slow because depend on one product only. | OPPORTUNITIES-Able to expend its operation to the global market to be introduction throughout ASEAN. -Able to re-brands and to compete with other company using the same material. | THREATS-Consequences from increasing of price of materials which they have use will be make the price product is also increase. -Product imitation is a very higher because they are using coffee which is very common. | STRATEGY BUSINESS STRATEGY All the store of Old Town Coffee White were located at high traffic, high visible location in each Asia market.

That the market entry strategies have found to be used by Old Town White Coffee in managing their foreign franchisees when expanding into Asia include master franchising and company owner-stores. The marketing approach is essential to gain a competitive advantage for Old Town White Coffee in the foreign market the construct included market entry, site location, and market positioning. Reason for Old Town White Coffee to choose master franchise as its from of franchising is because of that the master franchising was the most popular made of entry into distant and cultural dissimilar market Asia.

COMPETITIVE STRATEGY Targeting Old Town white coffee: While evaluating their consumer market the conclusion was that the ideal consumer’s economic profile will be Upper Middle Class, privileged Class. While the age demographics will be Students and Youngsters, Professionals, families, Mature Consumers. Gender and Ethnic or Religious Background was researched to have minimal or no effect on the choices concerning coffee made by consumers and their patronage of coffee houses. To maximize on brand name (signature) Costa signifies luxury, excellence in Coffee, all over the world, along with the theme of Costa.

The marketing communication strategy for Old Town White Coffee is raising awareness of your product in your target market is where sales begin, and this is where marketing communications activities begin the selling process. With today’s multiple channels for content to reach potential customers, the art and science of marketing communications has become increasingly important. However, no company can be sure they are using the most efficient media mix without creating a marcom strategy that is aligned with their overall strategic marketing direction.

OPERATION STRATEGY RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT In 2005, it expanded vertically into the food services sector by opening a chain of cafe outlets based on the traditional Ipoh coffee shop setting and ambience under the ‘OldTown White Coffee’ brand name. Since the opening of its first cafe outlet in Ipoh in 2005, its chain of cafe outlets has expanded to around 160 cafe outlets in Malaysia and Singapore. This includes fully and partially owned, and franchised cafe outlets.

The management has successfully mixed tradition with modern conveniences, revamped and revived the traditional cafe concept into a successful working model with outlets conveniently located and easily accessible to customers. PRICING Price does affect customers’ choice on products or services. Customers are willing today more because they higher price means higher quality one brand offers. In brand competition, the best price any brand can offer is important yet they have to be careful not to create bad consequences for long-term. BRANDING

The Malaysian coffee culture also being improvises by re-branding to enhance experience and increasing sales by multiple transactions from regular customer. From small spaces and only selling few selections of foods, Malaysian coffee culture has expanded by upgrading services, more variety in food and beverage, and creating nostalgia as well as being chic and contemporary. The role of branding in local coffee culture not only providing space but might be escapism for consumer and local society from different hierarchy, not to mention that this is kind of lifestyle and culture that they embrace.

As a new life style and trend, Malaysian coffee culture is very popular for all public audience. It has grown along with social change needs and demand. CONCLUTION Old Town White Coffee must be diversify use of coffee product that mention does not too slow. Because of Old Town White Coffee is one coffee shop famous in Malaysia, they should open branches throughout they country to compete with other company. In other way Old Town White Coffee should provide a various service such as shipping orders to customers house. REFERENCE http://www. malaysiaco. com/search/old+town+white+coffee http://www. oldtownwhitecoffee. com/