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SOOT analysis of Monika Strengths Monika world's largest producer and manufacturer of cell phones as well as has the largest distribution network around the world. It is also known for the Creativity, Innovativeness, durability & reliability. It has very good financial position, higher return on equity (ROE), return on assets (ROAR) and net profit margins (PM) Monika leads the global cell phone industry Monika dominates the world cellular industry because it has the Strong R & D facilities.

Monika also possessing the all fashion strategies and four style new generation characteristic from manufacturers It has diverse work force and advanced technology. Weaknesses It has declared its profits had dropped by 40 % in 2010. Monika mobile phones prices are higher as compare to the prices of china mobiles handsets. Monika presence in the US cellular industry is very low and in Japan it has very weak position. In India Monika has few service centers and very appalling after sales service In Japan Monika closed the mobile handset distribution and also manacled the distribution of EYE handset due to low market preference.

Opportunities In 2011, the global cell phone industry expected to grow by double digits Today, Asia- Pacific mobile phone industry is one of the fastest-growing industry in the world. Developing countries like China, Bangladesh, India and Pakistan has enormous demand potential. Monika had a 50-50 Joint venture with Siemens of Germany Youth wants the stylish aesthetics, fashionable handsets, it drive the new market for players. Threats

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Consumers are becoming more complicated in the choice of handset due to new styles by china mobiles. Difficult for sellers to differentiate their products and retain loyalty. Monika is facing very strong price pressure from china and other mobile producers Monika is losing global market share after the arrival of several Chinese producers In the Asia/PacifIc emerged competitive forces. Apple, RIM and the other different sellers have created strong pressure for Monika. Sharply P-Linda Monika: SOOT Analysis By sharply-123

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