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Quote 1: “If you ... do not understand that you got to defend this [Country], then, in the end, we will lose. Others will come, smack you down and take over. ” Mr Lee Kuan Yew, Prime Minister (1967)

Quote 2: (Proposed @ Sierra) “What he or she has in Singapore, he or she must be prepared to fight for and defend. Otherwise, it will be lost. ” Mr Lee Kuan Yew, Prime Minister (1967)

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No Idea

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Quote 3: “An officer must live by the SAFTI motto - "To Lead, To Excel, To Overcome". He must be ready to serve not just for himself but for the sake of a greater good: his comrades, his men, his unit and his country. ”

Quote 4: “The success of Singapore depends upon how well we uphold these ideals: the constant drive to excel in all that we do, as individuals and as a nation, and a willingness to share responsibility for the common good. ” Mr Lee Kuan Yew

Quote 5: “The SAF is a citizens' militia, and its officer corps has a leadership role that extends beyond the SAF. The values inculcated in SAF officers are the same ones that they will transmit to their men, and which will permeate our society. ”

Mr Lee Kuan Yew Quote 6: “However, no one can teach each of you how to be a leader of men. You will have to learn how to earn the respect and confidence of other men placed under your charge, what moves them, and why some officers are better than others in getting their men to do better. ”

Mr Lee Kuan Yew Quote 7: “You will be responsible not only for what you yourself do, but also for your subordinates, what they do, or fail to do.

Mr Lee Kuan Yew Quote 8: “However, later in life, you will realise that how to get on with other men and how to get them to do things to the best of their ability, are amongst the most important things in life. ”

Mr Lee Kuan Yew Quote 9: “There are several characteristics common in men in top positions: the strength of character and a mind able to take in the details and complexities of a problem quickly, seize hold of the essential elements, and act decisively to tackle the problem. ”

Mr Lee Kuan Yew Quote 10: “The SAF must have men who are emotionally stable and totally committed to Singapore. We shall have an efficient and effective defence force, dedicated to ensuring the security of all in Singapore. ”

Dr Goh Keng Swee Quote 11: “We must never forget that our existence as an independent sovereign state cannot be made to depend on the sufferance of others. The most dependable guarantee of our independence is a strong SAF: A strong SAF, in turn, depends on the political will to make the effort and pay the price. Dr Goh Keng Swee, Minister for Defence (1984).

Quote 12: “Singapore survives and prospers because it has been able to adjust to quickly changing situations. For this, we need people with keen minds, able to see beyond the routine and the ordinary to perceive the big opportunities ahead and to think out bold, imaginative yet practical plans and to carry these out successfully. ”

Quote 13: “The guns we provide the SAF are as effective as the soldiers who fire them. The soldiers are as effective as the officers who lead them.

Quote 14: (Proposed @ Bravo) “The ultimate measure of the SAF's strength lies in the will and resolve of our people to defend Singapore.

Quote 15: (Proposed @ Hotel) “The defence of Singapore is the sacred duty and solemn responsibility of each and every Singaporean who calls our Nation home. ” Dr Tony Tan, Minister for Defence (2000).

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