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Newspaper companies

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The Jang Group1 Online website provides a number of newspapers in both English and Urdu online. These include International The News in English and the Jang Multimedia e-paper and the Jang "taaza tareen" in Urdu. In The News, there are news articles as well as Style and Mag fashion magazines and updates. The International The News is a daily e-paper which contains short articles on international events. It also contains news on the financial market business reviews. Style contains fashion updates and trends and is uploaded on a weekly basis.

Fashion Mag is a monthly e-paper that has short pictures and excerpts from the original offline magazine. Fashion Mag includes western wear fashion trends prevalent in Pakistan too. The Jang Multimedia E-paper requires the user to subscribe through his/ her email address. It has the entire outlook of an actual Jang offline newspaper to ensure that customer still feel like they are reading a Jang newspaper. However there are the added benefits of the reader being able to view actual news coverage of interviews and videos of events and seminars.

All of the live coverage is acquired from Geo Television which is a sister company to The Jang News Group. 2The Pakistan Observer: The Pakistan Observer provides news in English from all over Pakistan. It is mainly based in Islamabad and has been active since 1998. The site can be viewed by dividing your news city by city and category by category like world, cartoons, business, sports, voice of people, etc. Pakistan Observer, like most of the rest of the e-papers generates revenues through offering space for ads on its website to different companies.

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The main page contains brief excerpts from various top news which can be viewed by choice if the customer wishes too. Pakistan Observer also has a unique feature called Photo News which is a series of still photographs covering different events. Pakistan Observers main target audience is the population of Islamabad that has access to the internet but it targets other cities to a minor level as well and its offline paper is active in these cities.

The Business Recorder: The business recorder is 3"Pakistan's first financial daily" and is powered by E-Dynamics. It is headquartered in Karachi and provides daily financial information on a national and international scale. It has a very different selection of news ranging from latest news specific to various Pakistani industries, top daily news reports, currency converters, editorials etc. it provides streaming content in the form of continuous updates on the price of shares of major companies as well as the top breaking news events in Pakistan.

The website is divided into three categories which include "latest news", "BR Special" and "services". It also has various polls to generate participation from its readers and to make sure that their opinion is also given a platform. The "services" section also serves this purpose. The target audience of The Business Recorder is those people who have a specific interest in financial news and who have access to the internet. Revenue is generated again through offering a lot of space on its website for banner ads to different companies.

The Business Recorder is thriving in this respect because a lot of big names especially financial institutes like banks, are willing to place their ads on the website and there is hardly any empty space or vacant banner on the site. Some famous companies that have opted to place their banners on the website include MCB, NBP, UBL, Askari Bank, Prime Bank and even Pearl Continental Hotels. Daily Times: The daily times4 is circulated in Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi. It also has sections dedicated to national, editorial and business news each.

Apart from these there are sports and infotainment sections too. The articles included in the e-magazine are detailed and informative. The Daily Times website generates revenues through advertisements that other companies can place on its website for viewing. The Daily Times has viewers from all over the world and therefore the website has a lot of exposure and the ads have more probability of being viewed. It also has a weekly fashion magazine called Sunday. Frontier Post/ PakTribune/ Pakistan Link: Frontier Post5 is a daily that is published form the Peshawar and Quetta area.

It contains national news as well but has particular emphasis on happenings occurring in the province of NWFP and Afghanistan. PakTribune is a daily national6 e-paper that has both international and national news as well as different sections in which the readers can peruse sections of their interest at leisure like fashion, entertainment and sports. Pakistan Link7, another national daily e-paper contains detailed articles on both national and international issues. It also has articles and updates related to the weather, sports, business, health, community and religion.

Frontier Post and Pakistan Link have subscribers as well who are regularly mailed news updates and who can also log in for free to view detailed articles. All three sites generate revenues through selling advertisement space on their sites. The Nation: The Nation8 is a national e-paper with an international focus and exposure. The articles featured on the website are for free and the company generates revenues through selling advertisement space on its website to different companies. Its customers are all Pakistanis within and outside of Pakistan.

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