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Newspaper vs. Magazines

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Which is the most helpful source of information do people rely on? As two major kinds of mass media, newspaper and magazine played a major role in people’s daily life. Although, they belong to the same group, they also have different characteristics regarding three major factors which are style, content and appearance. Style plays a major role between these two. While newspaper “focuses on what is needed: fixed and straight to the point”, magazine tends to be more “freestyle”. Moreover, newspaper has limits whereas magazine has more room and personalized flow of information.

Content is another factor that has its most important job to do within these two. In a newspaper, people can find more information than magazine. It focuses on catchy headlines in an attempt to capture the readers’ entire attention to read the entire story. It is based mostly on facts that are new and written as it happens and where it happens. Surprisingly, newspaper can easily put various topics together whereas the magazine cannot. In other words, a magazine for golfing cannot have content that is mainly of fashion and beauty tips. Therefore, the value of each is different. Another major factor within these two should be their appearance.

Clearly, people can come to realize that both magazine and newspaper are published at regular intervals. As the newspaper published faster, it comes out at least once a week and daily newspaper is published daily. On the other hand, magazine are published and sorted by weekly, monthly, on bimonthly. The point being is that while newspaper is as good as one day use, the magazine can be used or read anytime. So, whichever people choose they should remember that newspaper and magazine belong to the same group despite of their differences or their characteristics, they have always played an important role in peoples’ public life all the time.

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