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We also watched the new NSPCC advert which focuses on making people feel guilty. We used the idea of making people feel guilty but looked at it from a different angle. The NSPCC made people laugh at all the horrible things happening to children but we did it by distressing people with the horrible stories that appear on the screen. They used the idea of creating a shock at the end of the advert as well. This pushed us even more to try and create a shock at the end of our advert. They used the idea of everything going quiet at the end of the advert to help them with the visual images, this influenced us to do the same and stop the background noise so that people focus solely on what is said on screen.

After agreeing on the structure and images in our television advert we looked at it and thought that it would be a good idea to take the last shot and use it as our newspaper advert. We all thought this was a good idea but said that it needed slightly more information. We then each drew a rough sketch of how we would change it and showed it to each other. We took the good parts from each idea and it turned out that we all contributed equally to the design because we took one part from each design.

The most important decision in the design of our advert was the colour of the background. I wanted the background to be white with black writing and Harry wanted it to have a black background with white writing. We however resolved on a black background because it has more impact and will stand out against the rest of the paper. Another important decision was whether or not we used a stop sign or just used the word stop in large lesson. On the decision my opinion won over Gemma's because we thought that it would be a better idea to keep it simple.

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Our entire group had very good ideas, James put forward the idea of using direct commands but when he sketched his idea he used three commands which we thought was too much. Harry had the idea of the background to stand out but his idea lacked some of the vital information. Kyle wrote most of the words to the song and had the initial thought of writing our own words to a well-known nursery rhyme but was unsure of the visual aspect of the adverts.

Gemma suggested that we should use the images and distressing stories to attract attention and gain the sympathy of the viewers but her idea for the advert contained much to much information to digest all in one go. It was my idea to keep everything very simple and dramatic but I didn't have many ideas on how to carry this out and had an idea of perspective in the advert, which was very unsuccessful. I think our advert will appeal to our target audience because it is very bold but still simple; it also stands out on a page and makes a big statement. If you are flicking through a newspaper a big black page is going to make you take notice and the fact that there is not too much information on the page helps people to see the real purpose of the ad.

To find out about advertising we looked in our school library and found some books on advertising we also asked the media teacher at our school about some of the basic techniques in advertising. This proved very useful and taught us about how to appeal to different people and how to give people all the information you need without swamping them. We were told that the advert must be timed correctly so that people could digest the information and come to grips with their emotions. This piece of information was particularly useful because it showed us that we needed to slow our advert down. We also learnt that it was good to use the symbol of a well-established charity such as the NSPCC.

This helped us with our adverts because at first we weren't going to use the logo but after hearing this decided to because it is very well known throughout the UK and people trust that the money they donate will go to a just cause. We found out from the book we read that scaring people really pushes them to donate money we played on this and used the stories we had to scare and distress people so that they would part with their money.

I think both our adverts will work very well because they have a lot of impact and stand out. They will also appeal to a wide range of people, which is what we were aiming for. I think their simplicity and straightforward attitude would help the charity to raise money. I also think they would encourage other people to get involved in work with that charity and raise awareness and concern in many people because of the chilling accounts in the television ad and the blunt approach in the newspaper ad.

I believe that the message of putting a stop to child cruelty is portrayed well in the adverts because of the images and stories and also the instruction to stop. It also helps that the charities aims are well known so we didn't have to be explicit in the information that we gave. At first I was disappointed in the task we were set because I was really looking forward to the media section of the course and thought that the task set did not live up my expectations. But when I got into the task I really enjoyed it. I liked working with a group that I wouldn't normally work with and when we were making decision it was a fair process and the entire group contributed which was a really good thing to be part of. I think we worked well as a group and I gained lots of knowledge about advertising and all the skills that I never knew existed in the task.

I enjoyed seeing the difference between advertising on television and advertising in newspapers and thought it was a very worthwhile task for both the development of my English and comparison skills and in the gain of extra knowledge. It was a new experience and has helped me to realise all the psychology that goes into advertising and all the thought people who work in these areas must put in to entice the viewers into parting with their money.

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