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New Business Development

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This assignment cannot be completed without the effort and co-operation from our group members, Mood shaded, Mood Fakir, Rye polonium and Mood Fakery We also sincerely thank our lecturer of .NET 028, Madam Russian for the guidance and encouragement in finishing this assignment and also for teaching us in this course. Last but not least, we would like to express our gratitude to our friends and respondents for the support and willingness to spend some times with us to fill in the questionnaires. Introduction We started our company with the name Fresh & Sweet since 2012.

As a new start up for our Fresh & sweet bakery. We have already done identifying on how we are going operate our bakery shop. So, as it starts operating, this company will be manage by five members. Thus, Our main focus is to sell our bakery product with our own recipe. Hence, this has been selected most of the demand from our customers. Fresh & sweet is located at Curia Saba, Jota Kimball. This location is best suitable for our business because there is not much competitors. Over the recent years, the profitability of our business is growing faster and has a lot of response from the public.

The business is working from the capital loan from RIB bank with the amount RAM 100, 000. Purpose Pu repose Firstly, this company was established with the purpose of attracting the customers to taste our own recipe of bakery products of cakes, muffins and breads. Second, is to fulfill the demands Of our customers Of their satisfaction. Thirdly, it is to give our customer the serve;ice they need such an occasion like birthday party or weeding ceremony and so on. Besides that, our company is also set up to boost the country's economic growth and compete in the international.

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New Business Development

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