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Negative Effects of Computer Usage on Eye Sight

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Although the computer has crucial importance in our lives but still it has some negative effects upon our health. It effects the eyesight of an individual if there is maximum exposure to the computer screen. It might develop the long or the short sightedness if the frquency of the use is high. It may results in headache relatively for the larger time p and in turns effect the brain cells of the human being.

It incorporates a wide variety of the knowledge in itself and when the viewer come across the new phrases and techniques,it definitely demands and requires time and thus in turn result in the stress condition which is not good for the health of the human being. Distance of the screen of the computer from the eye also have the negative symptoms as the particular level being defined by the doctor is not been followed.

In children it is flourishing more day by day as they are more exposed to the entertainment side of the computer and that is games which are being installed in the computer. Eyes of the children gets affected when they put a load on their eyes while focussing on a particular task and it may effect their eye sight. It is necessary not to work constantly on the computer.

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It is important to take the short breaks so that the effect of continously looking at the screen could get minimized. It is quite important to preserve the vision by taking different eye exercises. Continous and the frequent use of the computer sometimes results in the vision that is blur and the things doesnot look as they are in real. In short while using the computer it is necessary to follow the instructions of the doctor and have regular check ups of the eyes.

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