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Nearness to Market

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Scunthorpe United is located gallagar retail park, it was located where Sainsbury's is now located. There is easy transport for people coming from other towns, as it is close to the motorway. There are fast food outlets nearby for which the fans can easily go to after the match or before hand. There are shops nearby such as, B;Q, Next, Toys R Us, Tesco and many more which mums could go to while there kids go watch. There is a pub nearby which the dads could go and have a pint. It is located in Scunthorpe because of the iron industry, hence the nickname 'iron'. There are two car parks so more people can come find a parking space. It is on the outskirts of Scunthorpe.

Scunthorpe lets people run a car boot sales. People can also hire rooms for weddings and special occasions. Scunthorpe United car park is at the back of the ground facing the houses, and it also has a separate car park for the players and staff. Scunthorpe United is unlikely to build there ground again because they are not a very rich club. Scunthorpe United also have a shop for gifts, football shirts etc.

Scunthorpe United Location Nearness to Market

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Scunthorpe United used to be where Sainsbury's is now, near local supporters. Glanford Park (Scunthorpe United) is now located near the gallagar retail park and the motorway; this is an advantage for the away supporters because it is easy for them to come in to Scunthorpe United football ground and also there are hotels nearby which would give the fans to stay overnight. Scunthorpe United is based near housing estates. Scunthorpe United is surrounded by fast food shops which would be very suitable for the fans after watching a game also, having Next, B and Q, TK Maxx and Tesco.

Nearness to raw materials Also, suppliers can come from another town easily to supply to the ground. There is a lot of space around the ground, which would give Scunthorpe United the ability to extend their ground but it is unlikely they would extend it because they are nor a very rich club. Cost and availability of land premises Another reason Scunthorpe United is located in that position is because it is cheap land.

Communications The cost of transporting products can be as 25% of a product total cost, so it is important that a business locates where it transports costs are at a minimum. Scunthorpe United night have high transport costs because although they are near a motorway, there is not a major town or city within about 30 miles, so they won't be able to export products.

Nearness to Market essay

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Why is proximity to the market important for a business?

Locating near markets is particularly important when the final goods are bulky or heavy and outbound transportation rates are high. For example, manufacturers of products such as plastic pipe and heavy metals all emphasize proximity to their markets.

What is the importance of near-nearness to raw material?

Nearness to raw material is important in case of heavy and bulky materials having lesser value such as coal and other weight losing materials.

Why is it important to locate an industry near the market?

This is because it is more expensive to transport the final product. Examples of industries that should be located near the market are furniture, beer, soft drinks and motor assembly. Another reason for deciding to locate an industry near the market is the perishability of the final product.

What are the economic aspects of location?

The economic aspects of locations are considered or run an economic survey and analysis to decide, which is the best location. A city is always well connected by road, rail and air. The city itself provides a market for the manufactured products. Efficient and skilled workers available within the city.

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