Narrative, Genre and representation of The Thomas Crown Affair

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I have chosen to analyse "The Thomas Crown Affair" because the film has inspired me to indulge in life and make the most of the one life you get. For a film to inspire this it must be powerful and I want to analyse this film to really see how it can change people's lives and especially mine. As this was produced in the United States and being a popular film, I could tell this is Major.

My Auntie works as an Administrator in the British Board of Film Classification, which means she sometimes gets free videos and gives some to me and that's how I found out about this film. Pierce Brosnan made it more enjoyable to watch because I've seen him act before and was impressed by his acting, but Rene Russo I had never even heard of until the film.

The genre of the film is a hybrid between a comedy and crime because the absurd parts are humorous and the narrative is a detective crime. The iconography and the camera shots had a detective feel as well, for example, when it zoomed onto the bench and then panned up to where the painting was stolen.

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"Not quite as pleasurable, or guilt-inducing, as the first telling of the same story." said Joe Rusly Which I think is absurd. In 1968 the film Thomas Crown Affair was made so this was the original one and then in 1999 it was remade and to me it's much better than the old one and even the rating has gone up by 7%.

The narrative is basically a bored millionaire who decides to live his life on the edge and stages a multimillion dollar bank heist, but falls in love with an insurance investigator (from the victim bank) who suspects him of the crime. This narrative is obviously not a clich�; it's original with a twist to it.

"Those expecting a caper flick will be bored to tears by the film's sluggish pace, and will be chilled by the icy chemistry between the stars." according to a web site called, and I also agree myself. Nevertheless, there is a modest amount of suspense, for example, when Thomas Crown throws a painting into a bomb fire whilst the woman detective is watching and the detective and audience wonder whether that is the stolen painting.

The narrative is elegant but mind twisting which is the reason I watched over and over again until I had got it, and believe me it's not sudden. The whole thing was believable but it did cross my mind that there were a lot of coincidences, for example, when the detective finds a secret painting stack the first time.

The camera shots and mise-en-scene had an extensive amount of scenes and the camera shots were changing at a fast pace, in which case you could argue that it speeded up the enigma. This all made it hard to predict what was going to happen and prevents it from becoming predictable.

The beginning and end were particularly entertaining with the music called Never Change and Sinnerman by Nina Simone. Combining this with the visual rhythm tic scenes is incredibly enjoyable and upbringing.

The closure was closed because the woman detective went off with the so-called "Crown" in a private jet and disappeared into the horizon with the sun setting. The connotations of the horizon and sun set were that it was a contented forever-lasting relationship.

The characters were believable every day people you would see if you were in New York. They were very realistic characters with authenticity.

The woman was represented very stereotypically with the men complimenting her and she was always posing just so the men could talk about her behind her back. The protagonists were foreigners and they would speak in their own language and if not dreadful English.

Everybody knows that all stars have make-up and special lighting to compose their look in a high-quality way. It has a big effect on the film because nobody wants to watch and old tatty film they want to see an effort has been made.

The message of the film is to indulge in life and do whatever needs doing to get that thing, in this case it's the woman. If you've got the money spend, enjoy yourself, there is no point saving all that money when you only get one life, so make the most of it just like Thomas crown does.

The targeted audience is middle-aged men and the odd 14-year-old boy wouldn't get hung over if he did watch it. People who believe they can get rich or even people who can be inspired would want to watch this film.

The Narrative had met my expectations even if it did take three or four times to figure how his plan worked. It was surprisingly good and there was not one thing I didn't like, the music to the star appeal I got pleasure from.

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