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In my life, I had different events that have affected my personality and way of viewing stuff. Each category of events can be arranged from oldest to recent and put in a timeline. The timeline is a way to view your history in one part of your life. Writing skills are one of the major events that can be perfect for a timeline. This is because writing starts with you from an early age and keeps improving. Hence, this essay will be laying out my history in writing.

I was born in Abu Dhabi in December 28, 2000. Actually, this was my birth date, but my writer was born in my first academic years. Everyone has a writer inside him that starts small and weak then grows big and strong. In kindergarten, I first learned how to write the English alphabets.

The idea was to trace the alphabets until we know how to draw them. In grade one, the English teacher used to give us handwriting workbook to practice writing and improve the looking of our words. These workbooks used written examples. Under these examples, we should trace these words, and under the tracing, there was two lines for copying the sentences. In addition, teachers taught us how to write our names in both Arabic and English.

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From grade 3 to 5, were introduced to the idea of spelling tests and dictation. The procedure was that the teacher gives us a list of words to practice on. Then on the test day, she/he examines us on these words. Sometimes it is a paragraph instead of independent words. At first, I got average marks, and then I improved a lot. I remember that when I got some words spelled wrong, I was punished to write that word tens of times.

It was annoying at that stage but now I realized that it was so beneficial for me. It made me have less spelling mistake onward.
In grade 5, I started the real writing. I started to write short paragraphs and connect them, in order to make a good essay. In grade 6, we learned how to write narrative essays and stories. I remember that I had nearly the same events when I wrote stories. It was all about going to a place with my family and not following my uncle's rules, which lead to problems and dangers for us. At the end of my story, I used to put somehow an advice to follow the rules and not be reckless.

I started to write independent texts away from school starting from grade 7. At that year, I started to write my own diaries. I record what happened in my day and what experience I learned. The idea came to me when I was watching a cartoon and I saw that a character is writing diaries. He was looking after his diary always and take care of it. He influenced me to try that type of writing, but unfortunately, that did not last for a long time.

In grades 8 and 9 we went in more serious types of writing. I learned how to write a persuasive essay for convincing people. I remember that one of the subjects to write about was why we should change the food in the school's canteen. Then in grade 11, we were taught how to analyze both novels and movies. We used to extract the theme and the timeline in addition to vocabulary analysis.

In my final high school year, argumentative essay was our assigned type of writing. One topic we studied in this field was whether spending a lot of money in space researches is beneficial or not. Some people say yes and the other say no, because other people can actually benefit from this wasted money including poor families. Also in 2017, I started to write both formal and informal email messages. It was a new way of writing. The year next I was learning the way of writing essays for English proficiency tests. Now in the time being I am learning how to write a secondary research paper by using data from reliable sources.

In conclusion, everyone has a writer inside him that he should improve and work on. As you read, my writer was born when I was in my early academic stage and still working on it now. My real start was in grade 4 to 7. Then I went to a stage that is more serious from grade 8 to freshman year of university. I will try my best to learn from other experts and improve until I get the mastery level.

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