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Abdurashid Abdukhamidov ENG-095 Gina Love Cause/Effect Paragraph 30th October, 2012 Moving to the Foreign Contry Nowadays, as a result of looking for better conditions of life many people have been moving from their own city to another cities or countries. People in all over the world are developing the necessity to find their happiness, education, and a better work. Changing the place of environment or basically just moving to another country can affect people in many different ways.

The very first and one of the most common reasons is an education. Since, people are looking to a better education, they move to a country that can give them the possibility to be a good professional in the specific sphere of major/science. Also, the educational facilities and competencies of the schools in other countries may be better than the ones available in the hometown countries. There are some countries that have most developed and very famous universities in the world.

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Also, in some of the specific countries of the world, education is better improved and developed than the other ones. Younger generation nowadays, is mostly looking for the better and tougher way of gaining knowledge. Obviously, the qualified university is being the better choice for any student. Statistic shows that most of the immigrants made their immigration with the purpose of studying abroad. Also, the diploma of the foreign countries are more acceptable than the ones with lower rating and feedbacks.

Foreign diploma gives students opportunity to get a better job, and make a way much better salary. Other most important advantages are self-development and learning the foreign language. Living away from hometown, makes people more confident and independent. People who moved to another country need to take care of every single thing by themselves. They are all responsible how to organize their lives, how to make a plans to achieve their goal of immigrating from their hometown into another. Also, people should be able to communicate with others.

In order to build the communication with others, immigrants should learn the language of that country, and be able to use that language in the correct way. Apart from that, the language has different grammar or pronunciation, so immigrants should study a lot of things. Thirdly, it’s important for immigrants to be adapted to the foreign culture and traditions. No one should ignore or stereotype the other’s culture and traditions, and showing respect and greeting are the most important responsibilities of every single immigrant. Immigrants need to develop themselves to an unknown condition of life.

Making new friends, respecting other’s opinions, developing their own point of views, accepting cons and pros of the living condition in another country can be a key to achieve their goals and make their causes of immigrating realized. These all can also count as an example of a knowledge of the life in general. Living far from hometown, even for a short period of time, can be really hard at the beginning. From general point of view, all changes make difficulties, but most of the time, changes give people opportunity to understand the value of everything and be appreciated.

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