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Michael Kors and his Company

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Michael Kors started his career in fashion at the ripe age of nineteen as he designed and merchandised a collection for the prominent Lothar’s boutique in New York City. His captivating fashion showcase was revered by the press, leading Kors to set up a fashion business of his own.

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Michael Kors and his Company

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. Since then, he has been actively launching new stylish ensembles that cater to classic American taste (Michael Kors Website).

Aside from a trendy clothing line, Michael Kors offered other fashion statement pieces that would further expand his business. In 2001, he launched fashionable accessories under his collection label such as women’s handbags, shoes, belts, eyewear and signature fragrance for both men and women. The following year, the Michael Kors brand became a household name after a successful season collection in 2002 which featured a full-scale men’s collection (Michael Kors Website). Throughout the years, Michael Kors has developed three individual fashion lines within the company.

The Michael Kors Collection Wear is a high-end selection that is targeted for a more mature consumer and consists mostly of eveningwear and couture. Meanwhile, MICHAEL Michael Kors is referred to as the ‘lifestyle’ collection which has more of a casual look geared toward younger consumers of either sexes. Lastly, KORS Michael Kors consists only of women’s shoes. All in all, Micheal Kors is a thriving, New York based Fashion Company that continues to grow and expand internationally (Michael Kors Website). Social Networking and the Web

People are social creatures. It’s human nature to connect with other human beings within one’s immediate environment. Humans are created to depend on each other, creating families, groups and communities that make up each nation. The capacity of individuals to bind together in groups is one of the greatest assets of businesses to date. The concept of Social networking has been around for centuries, way even before technology had made interactivity and connectivity much easier with the Internet or earlier models for mass communication.

Generally, a social network comprises of three or more parties communicating and sharing information. This taps in the resources found within communities such as school settings, church meetings, congregations, clubs or organizations and other sources of socially constructed relationships (Weaver & Morrison, 2008). At the onset of the Internet age, more than 1 billion people are interacting via the World Wide Web which supports the passing on of information and resources unbounded through the inner workings of a computer.

The benefits of electronic media have led to the strengthening of social networks around the globe that was unattainable prior to the use of the Internet. Web-based applications have created a culture-wide phenomenon that shaped the way social networking has evolved through the Internet. The current Web model is very much different than it were a decade ago when the e-mail interface was being introduced to the public.

The top down to bottom-up approach of most companies to it consumers has now shifted into an individualistic method wherein individual consumers can now be able to participate in creating and sharing in the proliferation of content to the public (Weaver & Morrison, 2008). While it was initially thought that the Internet was supposed to be a limitless storage of information, social networks has slowly turned it into a tool for connecting people

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