Mexican Mafia

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The gang I decided to do research on was the Mexican Mafia. The gang originated in the California Department of Corrections in the late 1950’s, and is considered to be one of the oldest and most powerful gangs in the entire United States. Gang members can often be identified by having the number thirteen tattooed on their bodies somewhere or by having something resembling the number. The reason behind using the number thirteen is because it marks the 13th letter of the alphabet, the letter M. The gang is well known for the worst crimes that can be committed while in Prison. Those crimes include extortion, drug trafficking, and murder.

The largest population of this gang seems to reside in California and Texas while the gang is responsible for 10% of San Antonio’s homicide rate. The Mexican Mafia’s Constitution was described in a 2005 trial. The gang’s sole purpose is to make money by any means through criminal activity. The Constitution basically stated that the Mexican Mafia is a criminal organization that engages in criminal activity for the benefit of the Mexikanemi. This includes murder, gambling, drug dealing, and pretty much anything imaginable. This gang is very brutal but yet simple when it comes to punishment for gang members, which is almost always death.

The members of the Mexican Mafia are often called upon to test their loyalty to the gang. Usually the test will be one of two options of either theft or murder. The consequence for failing to uphold their loyalty by completing this task or any task for the mafia also usually results in death. According the Mexican Mafia’s Constitution members may be punished or killed if they commit any of four simple infractions. These infractions include becoming an informant, showing any signs of homosexuality, acts of cowardice, or showing disrespect towards any of the gang’s members.

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