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Mentors Make a Business Better

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Synopsis: The article discusses the relevance of mentorship among employees. Mentorship among veterans and neophytes provide a prolific synergy for the company.


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Mentors Make a Business Better

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            The notion of mentorship keeps both parties motivated and goal-oriented for the greater good of the company. The crucial part of mentorship is the learning process. Veterans and neophytes of the company engage in a relationship, in which a sense of mutual learning emerges. New trends are being brought up by neophyte employees while the veterans teach the “kids” the tricks of the trade. With this in mind, mentorship is more likely a partnership of sorts due to the great deal of learning from both parties. Such article that discusses the notion of mentorship provides an alternative perspective towards the broad concept of managerial leadership. Leadership here is perceived as a mutual learning process, which suggests that a leader can learn from a subordinate as well. I recommend such article due to its insightful take on leadership and learning.

Article 2: Motivate Your Employees Like Jack Welch by Carmine Gallo

Synopsis: The article discusses the importance of making employees understand the holistic goal of the company in a favorable perspective. It gives readers the notion that employees want recognition more than a hefty paycheck. Furthermore, it is emphasized that employee motivation does not only begin with employee commitment, but with effective communication in order to provide a more than satisfactory customer service.


            Employee motivation is a crucial aspect in the success of any organization. A firm would not be established without its workforce; that is why company executives always ensure that their employees are not only enjoying their work, but being recognized for it as well. Furthermore, employees seek more than financial rewards; they also want the recognition from the company, which gives them a sense of gratification. This article provides to be helpful for neophyte managers of their respective companies. It gives managers the concept of employee retainment through employee motivation. Also, managers are given pointers on what matters for their employees aside from financial aspect of the job. I recommend this article due to its practical take on employee motivation.

Article 3: Developing Strategic Leadership by Marshall Goldsmith

Synopsis: The article discusses leadership development as an essential aspect of a firm's competitive advantage. Robert Fulmer, academic director for Duke Corporate Education, shares his insights regarding the concept of leadership development as the driving force for a firm to bolster its sales, as well as to generate revenues.


            Leadership development is indeed a crucial aspect for a firm's internal affairs. It teaches how executives and subordinates alike on how to achieve certain strategic goals for the betterment of the organization. It should be noted that the most prominent organizations have an apt and systematic sense of leadership. Each leadership developmental activity is ascertained by the human resources department in order to address a particular business issue. The workforce then would be responsible for task of generating appropriate business strategies. Furthermore, a firm's CEO should spearhead the notion of leadership development. Studies have shown that successful organizations have managers who teach instead of telling their subordinates on how the job is to be done. A firm's leadership is reflected by its benchmarking. Thus, suggesting that any strategic direction of a firm is determined by its benchmarking and leadership development initiated by company executives.

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