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Mba/ (Finance and Marketing)Fresher

Vivek Ramachandran 10, Lakshmi Nivas, Mullai Street, K K Nagar, Chennai 600 063 Cell #: (91) 9566009700 Email: [email protected] com Career Objective To work in an Organization, where I can effectively blend my skills as a Management Professional coupled with my Mechanical Engineering Graduation, which will help me explore myself fully and realize my potential, with a zeal to work as a key player in a challenging & creative environment. Qualification ? MBA (OPERATIONS / ERP) –FINAL YEAR ? B.

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TECH (MECHANICAL) ENGINEER Academic qualification | |Year of |% | |Qualification |Institution |Study | | |MBA |SRM University, |2010-2012 |89%(up to 1st yr) | | |Chennai | | | |B. Tech |SRM University, Chennai | |79. 6% | |Mechanical Engineering | | | | | | |2006-2010  | | |HSC |Sri Sankara Vidyalaya, Chennai |2006 |66% | |SSLC |Sri Sankara Vidyalaya, Chennai |2004 |71% | Mini-Project (MBA) Title: “A Study of Manufacturing Operations involved in Hi-Tech Fabrication Facility”

Company: Team co. Hi-tech Engineering ltd. Period: 2 months Title: “Crude oil-“Crude impact on Indian Economy” Under the Guidance of Dr. Samprasatha Joe Project (B. Tech) Title: “Optimization of Surface Characteristics using RESPONSE SURFACE METHODOLOGY for Ball and Roller Burnishing Process” Description: • Ball and roller burnishing tool are used in CNC machining centre to super finish the milling process. • The tool and work piece material are tungsten carbide and tool steel (T215CR12) respectively. • The input parameters are feed, force, step-over, ball diameter, roller width, no of passes and speed. The output parameters are surface roughness and micro Vickers hardness. • The characteristic of burnishing process is analyzed using ANOVA analysis. • The output parameters are modeled and optimized using response surface methodology. • Surface plots and Contour plots are plotted for the output parameters. • SEM photographs are taken for milled and burnished surface. Training Summary (B. Tech) Company name: Ashokleyland, Chennai Duration : 2-weeks Areas covered : Engine Assembly, Chassis Assembly Company name: Diamond Engineering Ltd. , Vandalur Duration : 2-weeks

Areas covered : Steel Fabrications, Dispatch Department Software’s known • Implementation in SAP ERP (Materials Management) module. • Operation knowledge of MS Excell, MS Access, MS Word, MS Power point. • Basics in SPSS software. • Operating Systems        : Windows 7/XP. Strength • Highly Determined, self motivated & committed towards work. • Willingness to learn. • Eager to take up challenging opportunities in life. Extra-curricular activities • Organizer for COMMUNE 2011,a national level event. • Secured 1st place in DUMB-C at SAMS • Secured 1st place inX-FACTOR in Millan 2010, a national level event. Participated in Aurush 2009, a national level event • Certificate course in YOGA at SRM UNIVERSITY . Personal profile Name : R. VIVEK Sex/Status: Male/Single Nationality: Indian Language Known: English, Tamil Hobbies/Interests: Playing cricket, listening to music. DOB : 05th Dec 1988 Job Location : Anywhere in India Declaration I hereby declare that the above-mentioned information is correct up to my knowledge and I bear the responsibility for the correctness of the above-mentioned particulars. Place: chennai                                                                                 (R. VIVEK)