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Marraige Life vs Singal Life

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The difference between the marriage life and the single life is there are advantages, and disadvantages. Although married life sounds stable, there are more benefits to being single, in the short and long term picture. (Marriage Vs Single Life. ) In today society a lot of people are being married and still being single. This particular way of thing has changed their lives. In this compare and contrast the difference between single and married people lives. Single life mainly has no responsibility at all. Being single you don’t have to come home to anyone.

If you like being alone this is the perfect lifestyle for you. You don’t have to share your money, everything is about you. There are a lot of people that would like to be stress free no one nagging them. Single people can spend their time with anyone they choose. They can come in at anytime they like, and they don’t have to worry about cleaning up behind others. They just have to clean up behind the selves. Single people also have very big trust issue. Marriage people have the companionship of each other and their children. Compared to the single people married people schedule are too busy.

Married people have to conduct their partners and children lives as well. Married people can’t live a free life if they want to go with their friends they have to let their partner know there are rules to having a happy successful life. Never both partners be mad at once, never yell all ways talk problems out in a normal voice. Never discuss your problem around a crowd of people, always agree with your partner around crowds , but if you disagree let them know later. Being married emotional support is expected or given with every thought or action.

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I would choose the married life over the single life. I love the sharing part and the company. I’ve always love being around people so I personally think that I would be a good candidate for the marriage life. I wouldn’t choose the single life because being single and coming to your own empty house not having anyone waiting for me to share my day or thoughts. In this conclusion being single takes a toll on you, while being married has its toll too. But you have someone too,but you will have someone deeply share them with a true friend for life like the marriage says. “Till death do us part. “

Marraige Life vs Singal Life essay

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