Major Life Event Development Through Life

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As people live their lives, they usually and often experience various life events that influence their lives. If people suddenly experience a major life change it is likely that they will feel stressed and out of control. For example both Gloria and have experienced life events that have changed their lives forever. These events can either be predicted or unpredicted and these events are explained below. Predictable events Parenthood: As was seen in the case study, Gloria was not married to Ted before she unexpectedly found herself pregnant.

Fortunately she had a beautiful baby girl. However, she and her baby daddy Ted have had to cope with being parents. This means that they had to learn new parental skills which involve learning how to take care of their child. For example, Ted, although at first did not assume responsibility, had to changed his old previous lifestyle. That means that both of them have to be able to bond with their daughter, and their free time for going out and ‘hang out’ with friends are forever reduced, due to the arrival of Sunshine.

Both Jason and Jasmine, Gloria’s parents and Lucy have experienced this life event; they had children. Retirement: During old age, usually at sixty five years of age, people are required to retire and leave their job, meaning that they no longer have any role in the society. Well some roles anyway. This also means that people may have more time for them-selves and their family as well as disengaging from work. At this point of people’s life, it may be hard for them to establish a new lifestyle, because they have worked all their lives – for Lucy, she had to join the bingo club.

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This also means that contacts with friends may be lost. On the other hand, Lucy, although is retired, still keeps active and has contact with people at her bingo as well as having a positive relationship with her family. Unpredictable events Illness or serious injury: It has been noted in the case study that Ted, as very young as he is at the age of twenty two, has been involved in motor bike accident, resulting to injury, leading to him lose his job.

Due to this injury, it is obvious that Ted has to learn to cope, adapt and live with this physical change – changes may have included broken body parts, leading to disability, although the case didn’t mention that much. This may lead to Ted being depressed and feeling angry and wishing he was his old self. Many people who suffered serious injury – that leads to disability – may find it very hard to adapt to their situation. Bereavement: Due to the loss of their loved ones, people’s, both children and adult, physical, social and emotional lifestyle may change dramatically.

People usually feel angry and depressed and are unable to cope with their losses. People who experience bereavement may lose dramatic weight due loss of apetite, they may not be able to concentrate, and their sleep may be disturbed. Research shows that children who experience bereavement are likely to develop psychiatric disorder in later childhood and are also likely to develop difficult behaviour. References: http://www. pearsonschoolsandfecolleges. co. uk ( accessed on the 31/10/12)

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