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Much of the current company's success in the UK can be attributed to the development of its marketing policy. All vehicle brands have been built up of key trends to which the companies have repeated success each year as this is always developed to keep above competitors. The advancement in car technology has contributed to the increase in car sales yearly as BMW models are built to various standards making the differences from 92% of cars on the road. Consequently, this led to a great car sale success as 64,160 car registrations for the BMW in 1998 putting them above rivals such as Mercedes and Jaguar. The BMW models have raced ahead of many other leading businesses because of the design philosophy and precision developments of cars such as Z5, Z8 or the public favourite the BMW.

The promotion and publicity of BMW plays an important part in the selling of cars. The main channel utilised by the whole sector is through the television during 1999. Advertising has been a key element on much of the BMW success adopted since 1979 using the same agency Word. The brand image has built up by using 300 colour press adverts and more through a total of 64 different television commercials.

BMW dealer also run their own local campaign with local press, radio stations and a bus advertisements provides the dealer with a central source for advertising. BMW increasing involvement in major public events during 1999 Grand Prix and also during 2000 they became the key sponsors for the BMW Williams F1 team. BMW's sponsorship was a good strategy and they then went to new heights of advertising. This took place at the home of English Rugby Twickenham stadium which they sponsored the Jumbotron screen. This achieved a sporting first, as throughout the breaks of the match BMW ads became a platform for the 1999 television brands.

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From normal home commercials to sponsored sports games they were involved in a Hollywood production of the 19th 007 film. This film became the feature of the Z8 sports car that was operated by remote control and other technical features. This was a cross promotion project overtaken by BMW and accomplished world-wide success with TV commercials, print ads and displays in BMW showrooms. The global publicity communicated through this promotion project attracts more buyers into show rooms but more importantly to other BMW models.

The success levels that BMW has achieved not only in Britain but also internationally helps to bring more consumer confidence for expenditure. The trends that I have elucidated also plays a major part for increased sales and more importantly their overall strategy for each year. The UK market share has been doing very good for BMW but also for the economy as the share price has been increasing annually yet giving the company another boost from rivals. A advantage for a limited company would be that they would be able to maximise profits on the stock exchange.

As problems loomed during 1989 as it has been a downward trend as shares have fell annually but yet has met his demise and it has been increasing ever-since. Activities for a business involves communication whether it be internal as face to face with a workers in the business or external that could be advertising to customers on products. They might even have daily activities as talking to an advisor in a retail store. So whether it is a small or big business they are both situated in some form activity. The most important from the two is external, as this would determine the success of the company. This section includes the activities that my two chosen businesses have to go through to become more successful.

There are many different activities that take part inside the business whether that being on a daily or weekly basis. These activities may be informing employees on changes or a face to face conversation with a manager. This may be orders or giving instructions out of the memorandum or training employees. The BMW directors may want to influence the different showrooms with new ideas or services so that profit could be maximised.


The most important external conversation is with customers this would determine the success of the company. This may advertise new vehicles on offer on TV or on local billboards or even on the Internet. This would play a fair amount in business activity as they offer their services to the public and rely on them if they want to maximise profits. Telephone conversations with suppliers would be done regularly to drop off BMW parts and vehicles. This would also be important as every company would want6 to offer their customers the best possible service, as customers would not be very happy if their vehicles were delayed. There would be mass conversations between employers and supervisors that is situated with every business on a daily basis.

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