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Cosmetics products are developed specially for Asians' skin and the humid climate in South East Asia. SALESGIRL products are easily found in most of the departmental as well as personal care stores such as Watson and Guardians. These stores are pretty accessible for the consumers. 3. 1 Market Summary Salesgirl's customers are youths, young adults and teenagers. They aim to provide Hall cosmetic products to cater to the Muslims. When came into the mass consumer cosmetics market, there were many competitors.

Launched in May 2005, heir competitors are established brands such as and market leader AVON. They use celebrities such as Felicia Chin and Edmund Chin to endorse their products and target on youths and young adults. Their products are not wide in range and have a very limited choice. Some of the popular products are eye shadow and eye liner which cater to beginners as they have clear instructions on how to use and apply at the back of the packaging. Market Demographics Demographic segmentation is to segregate the market into groups based on variables like age, gender and occupation.

For the purpose of this marketing plan, the market will be divided according to two main demographics of workups which are the Generation X and Generation Y. People born between 1965 and 1979 are categorized into Generation X while people who are born in the year 1 onwards are considered to be in Generation Y. Generation Y Gene Y are innovators, creative and often seek for new things. They are not brand loyal and often switch brands to try out new products. They are corporate and political skeptics. Large corporate empires present a real danger to Gene Y as they have seen the impact of too-big-to-fail banks on the economy.

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To appeal to Gene Y, you will need to shed the corporate brand in lieu of a more niche or personable brand. Muslims It was estimated that 70% of Muslims worldwide live by the code of Hall. The Muslims are highly religious and they are very careful with whatever they eat or use. The market has to provide them with their needs which is Hall certified products including cosmetic. Due to the huge demand of Hall products, SALESGIRL caters the Muslims with Hall cosmetics product. Market Trend Due to the media inspirations on attractive metaphors and rising of lifestyle consciousness, more Singapore are willing to spend to look good.

As such, cosmetic products in Singapore are attracting both well-to-do and image conscious women and younger ladies who are particular about their personal appearance. Market Growth [pick] Figure A Age Pyramid of Singapore (Singapore Department of Statistics, 2012) The cosmetics and toiletries retail market in Singapore worth nearly S$659 million in 2003. There is an increase of 3. 2% in year 2002 to 2008. In 2003, imports from the United States summed up to S$118 million, which embodies about 15% of the total imports into Singapore. (Remuneration, 2008) In Singapore, SALESGIRL is one of the leading Hall certified cosmetic brands.

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