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Marketing of Packaged Drinking Water

Water is the fountain of all life. Even a toddler knows that it is a commodity with utmost Importance. Nearly 60% of our body weight comprises of water.

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Water can also be the cause to a great deal of misery specially in India where contaminated water continues to bring down millions with diseases like diarrhea, dysentery, haploid, jaundice and Castro-enteritis.

Getting pure drinking water in cities and towns has now become a luxury. At most homes people are forced to either boil water to make it appropriate for drinking or they have to install water purifiers. While traveling or eating at restaurants buying packaged drinking water has become a necessity. This need has seen an explosion of companies marketing “safe drinking water in bottles across the country. India Is the tenth largest bottled water consumer In the world. The present scenario how’s that it is one of the fastest growing industrial sectors.

There are nearly 200 brands, of which are local. Most of the small scale producers sell non-branded products and serve small markets. Despite the large number of small sellers, the Industry is dominated by big players like Boilers, Aquifer, Ms Dowels, Pearl Valley and soon. There are two working units of the factory. One at Disarm and the other is at Karl. The unit at Dahlias Is the larger of the two units. It has a huge processing and manufacturing plant. The one at Karl also does the same work of manufacturing and recessing but Is relatively smaller.

For the purpose of accounting, both these units are considered as one factory but they both have individual licenses. The factory is one that produces packaged drinking water and according to the Bureau of Indian Standards, such a factory must necessarily have a micro-biologist and a chemist. Both the plants thus have a microbiologist and a chemist who perform timely tests on sample water in order to maintain the quail chemical composition and purity of the water.