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Marketing Management, Eleventh Edition

Visual Consistency was the main feature of Crispin’s advertising campaign.They gave full focus to the support background.In both their advertising campaigns they promoted the chicken costume and the Coq Roq Band rather than starting the ad with it and ending with advertising the Tender Crisp chicken and chicken fries.

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This made the promotion not too commercial and “uncool” as believed by the young generation.

Crispin did not keep the campaign duration very long. They concentrated on creating a surprising, short yet captive campaign as found in www. subservientchicken. com where the last icon was the only indication of BK’s promotion. They even went on promoting the created Coq Roq Band before airing their ads on MTV and VH-1. The tagline identified by Crispin was “Have it your way. ” This tagline was used for all the promotional activities developed for Burger King.

This simple but sticky tagline helped in word-of mouth publicity which is considered to be more convincing and effective. Burger King was consistently positioned as the youth’s eating style. The Brand positioning was such that the young people could identify Burger King with themselves. It was positioned as food (fast food) meant for young men. Simplicity was the central theme of BK as they shied away from being too commercial. The promotion included in-store signage to message on cups with the tagline “Have it your way.

” This helped in better retention and understanding of the message by its target audience. Identifiable Selling Point of Burger King is its customized burger service to customers. This is its unique selling point (USP). This means giving a sense of importance and uniqueness to customers as they feel well served. This gives an edge to Burger King over its competitors. Works Cited Page Philip Kotler, Marketing Management, Eleventh Edition, Pearson Education Publishers, Delhi, 2003

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