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KRAFT FOODS GROUP, INC. JASMINE de GENESTE Kraft Foods Group, Inc. Kraft Foods Group, Inc. is a compilation of C. W. Post, Oscar Meyer and James Lewis Kraft. Each of these men started a business that would grow significantly because of the innovative thinking and vision they had to produce a product that gained customer loyalty and profits. The way they conducted business in the late19th Century, early 20th Century showed vision for a future that would be able to distribute products effectively and efficiently through advertising the brand name. “Mr.

Post used marketing techniques that are now considered industry standards, but which were innovative for their time. These included extensive advertising, coupons, free samples, product demonstrations, plant tours and recipe booklets” (Mit. edu, 2013). Many organizations today offers, free samples, coupons and product demonstrations and the amount of money that are used for marketing is astronomical. Each of these men went around the communities to advertise and sell the products to customers, by using horse and cart. This gained the trust of customers and the appreciation that they delivered allowed them to gain even more business.

Throughout the years as each of the companies grew and the “brand name” became popular and trusted by consumers, allowed for mergers and acquisitions to expand the businesses to make higher profits. In the early 1980’s General Foods acquired all three companies and formed Kraft Foods Inc. in 1989. “Kraft is a beloved-billion-dollar brand that ps the continent with many different products from peanut butter to cheese and "anything" dressings” (Kraft. com, 2013). A fact believed by millions across the world. Many household in North America and Canada believe the “brand name Kraft” to be a name to be trusted.

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Kraft was a subsidiary of Mondelez International until 2012, a spun off was done to allow Kraft to focus on the North American and Canadian grocery business leaving Mondelez to focus on the snack business globally. It was a move that was made to allow Kraft to take advantage of its’ “brand name” with consumers that trust and rely on the products. The mission is “ to be North America’s best food and beverage company. Our company has a great heritage that we’re building into an even greater future” (Kraft. com, 2013). The mission statement is short and sweet, and the company stands behind being the best food and beverage company.

This is proven in the annual report that states “Wal-Mart was responsible for 25% of sales alone” (Kraft. com, 2013). Kraft $18 billion dollar company with sales in food and beverages and the impact that it has had on 98% of households in the United States along with 99% in Canada. Kraft’s customers are wholesalers, supermarket chains, distributors value stores to name a few. The name in itself is worth billions and Kraft is using it along with the history from the beginning of the 19th Century to show, how it will impact consumers future. Kraft is a beloved-billion-dollar brand that ps the continent with many different products from peanut butter to cheese and "anything" dressings” (Kraft. com, 2013). All part of the positioning of the products that has the Kraft name that consumers trust and depend on. Kraft realized that it needed to separate itself from Mondelez International in order to increase profits, customer loyalty and shareholders support. The strategic move will help Kraft once again become America’s number one family name. The customer teams interact with operations to effectively manage customer relations.

This is achieved by collaborating with customers to develop strategies to introduce new products, define categories, consumer insights, consumer markets, promote products, and price setting. Kraft resources are combined across product lines to effectively support retailers, and advice retailers on the strategies to use for products to obtain the highest profit. Acosta and Crossmark are the sales and marketing agencies used by Kraft as extensions to the customer team to provide in-store product placement support, distribution and execution of promotions for products.

Innovative thinking and technology has enabled Kraft to reach many of its customers by nature of the Internet. “It can work for your product or service if you plan and execute an integrated communications plan designed to strengthen and maintain your relationship with the customer” (Muse, 2013). Kraft website is very informative and it has all the information that customers and retailers find informative. It gives insight to the mission, vision, environment, sustainability and history of Kraft.

This is all part of marketing as stated by Professor Brauer “the process of planning and executing the conception, pricing, promotion, and distribution of goods and services to facilitate exchanges that satisfy individual and organizational objectives”. The product positioning used by Kraft Foods Group, Inc are a combination of competitor positioning, price positioning, quality level positioning and product attributes. Kraft face competition with large national and international companies, and have to differentiate its product from competitors to maintain competitive advantage.

The quality of products and innovative growth, brand name, and the loyalty of our consumers for the excellent service we provide help position Kraft products. Our consumers and customers are satisfied with their product preference because they are given the ability to identify the product. “Product placement is the insertion of commercial products in entertainment products” (Miclot, & Segal, 2012, p. 20). The use of advertising campaigns to market brand names along with promotions for consumers are accomplished by third-party vendors by analyzing buying patterns, trends and the knowledge that we have on consumers to create marketing programs.

The goals and objectives for Kraft Food Groups, Inc. are to be able “to predict, identify and interpret the taste and dietary habits of consumers and to offer products that appeal to consumer preferences” (Kraft. com, 2013). Being able to predict the shifts in consumer taste for short-term, or long-term trends is imperative for Kraft revenue. The different products offered to consumers are also important and Kraft innovative team will ensure the development, introduction, and rapid growth for products.

Intellectual property protection for Kraft product and ensuring that the rights of others intellectual property is not being infringed. The perception of Kraft Foods Group, Inc. must be positive by ensuring health implications of products has the highest quality to be accepted by consumers. The sales and market share are affected if consumers are not satisfied and if products are not developed quickly. Ensuring that divestures are paying of our debt and we maintain a great place in the Standard and Poors ratings. Being prepared to keep the comparative advantage if Mondelez should become one of our competitors in the future.

Kraft Foods Group, Inc. will ensure that consumer satisfaction are met by offering a diverse set of products with the highest quality to ensure increase revenue for shareholders. Reference Brauer, T. (2013). Marketing. Retrieved April 12th, 2013 from the Colorado Technical University Web site: https://campus. ctuonline. edu/pages/MainFrame. aspx? ContentFrame=/Home/Pages/Default. aspx Kraft Foods Group. (2013). Mission Statement. Retrieved April 12th, 2013, from the World Wide Web: http://www. kraftfoodsgroup. com/About/index. aspx Kraft. com. (2013).

Annual Report on Form 10K. Retrieved April 12th, 2013, from the World Wide Web: http://www. kraftfoodsgroup. com/Investor/annual_shareholders_meeting. aspx Miclot, S. & Segal, S. (2012). Introduction to Marketing. Words of Wisdom LLC. Schaumberg, IL. 1st Ed. Mit. edu. (2013). The History of Kraft Foods, Inc. Retrieved April 12th, 2013 from the World Wide Web: http://web. mit. edu/allanmc/www/kraftfoods. pdf Muse. (2013). Developing Marketing Strategy and Mix. Retrieved April 8th, 2013 from the World Wide Web: https://campus. ctuonline. edu/courses/MKT210/p1/hub1/25351. pdf

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