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Managers’ meeting

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Opposite example can be constituted by illustrating the case of Pakistan Airlines. The national flag carrier of Pakistan was often facing trouble with its long hall routes. The problem grew in bigger and affected the quality of the in-flight services. The duty manager who use to prepare the roaster seem to be facing trouble with its flight attends when it was found that each of the flight was departing with less number of cabin crews than the required quota.

After evaluating the situation the duty manager along with the assistant manager of the HR department found that the total number of available experienced crew was much less. As a result of frequent and long hour flights, crews falls sick and resulted in low turnover. When the findings were presented to the higher officials with proper evidence of the situations, the assistant manager of the HR was instructed to take necessary actions by recruiting adequate number of flight attendants to recover the scarcity.

Resource Allocator

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As a resource allocator the manager oversees allocation of all resources like; funds, labor power, logistics etc. This also involves scheduling own time, programming work, authorizing actions. The basic managerial task is to ensure the work system is in place and to program staff loads - such as; what to do, by whom and what processing structures will be used. The Los angels based research institution, Centre for Digital Humanities constitute with group of managers known as CDH managers who performs the resource allocator role in the following way.

The CDH managers meet weekly, at the managers' meeting they review work in each of their service areas, evaluating progress on active projects, monitoring and adjusting goals etc. They also review (as well as invent) new mini-project proposals. The committee approves proposals for smaller projects at the managers' meetings, and assigns CDH teams to work on them. Projects that have a larger scope, or that have aspects that require review by the Faculty Advisory Committee will be placed on the agenda for the next Resource Allocation Committee meeting (RAC). The minutes of the Managers' meetings are circulated within CDH, with a copy to RAC members (Internet 2).

On the other hand practice of resource allocator role is a bit critical issue in some of the less developed countries. Because, managers in the midlevel and line management hardy posses the power to manipulate organizational resources without the authority of the top management. Usually, CEO's or the people holding the post of general managers are engaged in handling and allocating human resources e.g. putting the right people for the right place to work efficiently and effectively in the right time and also in the right situation.


Managers who play this role basically represent their organization in all important negotiations. E.g. conducting negotiations with integrated suppliers, labor unions, political parties, legal/social organizations and also sometime with customers who brings product or service complaints. According to psychiatrists negotiating skill is god gifted and inherited into human being. People can practice and improve a very little of it. In most of the western economies, organizations keep specialists to execute this negotiating role in different crisis situations. E.g in USA often doctors and hospitals face lawsuit from the patient or from the family of the patient for misconduct of operation or surgery. In solving this type of disputes, US based hospitals often negotiates with legal advisers who works permanently for the management.

On the other hand third world countries often face labor disputes. Negotiating with labor unions is a common phenomenon in these nations. Specifically, in the case of export processing zones, where labor rights are violated and labor strike is a common issue, managers of manufacturing companies has to deal with union leaders for resolving the crisis situations. A staff report (1999) stated that in Chittagong EPZ, a Japanese company renown for the making of golf sport accessories was under union pressure for not paying bonus during the EID festival.

A locally appointed general manager, who was a favorite personnel of the management, deal with the crisis situation. The manager took in to account that the company is not in well financial position to give 80% bonus of the basic salary to all of its workers. He made an unethical approach to the two union leaders and managed them with bribes. Those union leaders than took the responsibility to convince the workers with management offering of 30% bonus and also call off the strike.


According to H. Mintzberg classification of managers discharging their duties communicate with people, handle information and make decisions as the above-mentioned roles tell us. It should be born in mind that roles do not exist per se; with every manager they are interdependent and interrelated in such a way that they allow describing the nature of managerial activities taking into account of various levels of production process regardless of in which economy they play - western or southern.

For instance, managers ranking high on initiating structure and low - on consideration (according to the Ohio State classification) are more likely to engage in decisional roles, less in - informational roles, and still less in - interpersonal roles. Moreover this is not confined that particular organizational figure will play a static or specific role. One manager can perform all of the discussed roles or several organizational personnel can perform those.

The basic impacts that differentiate managers from west to south are environmental, religious, social etc. In modernized and technologically developed countries managers are tied with many contingencies but acquire flexibility to prove themselves in crisis situations. But in less developed countries managers lack the tools of effective management practice and appropriate empowerment to represent them as a potential role playing stature.

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