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Sample for Meeting Minutes

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Minutes of Meeting of Events


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  1. Phang Yuen Jun
  2. Juan Eyat Julen
  3. Tiang Leh Mei
  4. Tan Hooi Gia
  5. Kanaga A/P Raman
  6. Siti Fatimah Abduh Razak
  7. Yap Paul Yin
  8. Sam Chee Xin

In attendance: Madam Nadiah bt Zainal Abidin

  1. Objective. Determination The team discussed the objectives and event to be held. As a result, the team decided to organize a new year party for 2013.
  2. Event Description Title: 2013 New Year Celebration Party Objectives: To celebrate and welcome the new year with UTeM big family and the community. To promote the interaction between UTeM citizens and non- UTeM citizens. To promote and introduce UTeM to the community Venue: Main Hall, Main Campus, UTeM Attendee: Anyone (All UteM Citizens and outsiders)
  3. Roles Distribution in the Team The roles of the team were determined according to an individual’s willingness and team’s agreement. The roles distribution is as below: Chairman: Siti Fatimah Abduh Razak Secretary: Tiang Leh Mei Treasurer: Tan Hooi Gia Food and beverage: Juan Eyat Juleng (decide the menu). Set Designer: Phang Yuen Jun Event Planner: Kanagah A/P Raman Publicity: Sam Chee Xin Sponsorship: Yap Paul Yin
  4. Other items to be discussed and decided The chairman asked the team members to do research on their individual role’s corresponding tasks. For the coming meeting, each of the members is able to propose his or her plan for the food menu, set design, events and publicity. They need to plan for the budget for each related field too.
  5. Date of next meeting The next meeting will be scheduled on 8th Nov 2012, 11am at Bilik Kuliah 2, PBPI.
  6. Closing address. The chairman summarized the decision made in the meeting and thanked the advisor and the team members for having committed themselves to the project.

Order of business:

  1. Chairman’s address
  2. Minutes of the previous meeting
  3. Matters arising out of the minutes
  4. Reports from each sub-committees: Food and beverage. Set Designer. Event Planner. Publicity. Treasurer. Sponsorship.
  5. Special business
  6. Any other business
  7. Date, time and place of next meeting
  8. Close

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