Managers Can Create Satisfied Employees

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Employee satisfaction is the key to the economic success of any company. Research has shown that a satisfied employee does his job well and in return the company’s performance is greatly improved. Employer and employee relations are very important in ensuring that a company realizes its mission. In fact, it has been researched and found out satisfied employees usually translate to satisfied customers. Hence, with proper policies and administrative skills, managers can create satisfied employees. The following tips help to illustrate the various methods and ways by which employers can achieve this. These are;

Job security

The primary driving force an individual centers on while working, is the ability to retain the job for as many years as possible. Personal organization and family budget go in line with job security concerns. When an employee is confident of his or her job security at the workplace, his performance is far much better than a case where he or she is not sure of being retained in the next year.

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Pay satisfaction

People don’t work unless they receive pay work done. It is therefore the key to employee satisfaction. Managers normally use financial rewards to improve their worker’s performance. Good salaries equally translate to better work. Every worker would want to continue working for an organization which pays him or her well.

Language and communication

Communication is notably the most important factor and step required for the achievement of improved degree of satisfaction among various groups of employees.Managers who use simple but powerful words usually win the hearths of most employees. How a manager expresses himself while communicating the company’s principles determines the mode of reception from the e employees themselves. Words such as ‘please’, ‘you are doing a good job’ and ‘thank you’ demonstrates that a manager values the employees. It is also a sign of respect directed to the junior workers.


Certain benefits help motivate workers. Such benefits include:

  • Provision of insurance cover not only to the employees but also to their families as well.
  • Allocation adequate time for one to be with his or her family. This can be provided in terms of structured leave periods, off-work times, weekends and time schedules for leaving work places daily

Promotion and career advancement

Departments such as the military have a well organized promotion channels that go in line with the performance of an individual. Promotion is usually proportional to the amount of money and benefits that one receives. House allowances for example are given according to ones job scale in many countries. To be promoted from a deputy supervisor to a full supervisor indicates that the administration of a particular company is appreciating an individual’s effort. This will lead to the development of self confidence and hard work among all the employees so that one could be promoted.

Safety in the work environment

People who feel safe in their working environment tend to perform better than those who don’t. Safety can be in the form of human-machine relations and human-human relations. Military personnel working in war thorn countries like Iraq, Somalia and Afghanistan work in fear and this greatly affects their overall performance at work.

Flexibility to balance life and work issue

Proper coordination between the work issues and personal life is necessary to balance both. Overworking and work stress usually affect human healthy both in social, mental and physical terms.

Rewards and gifts

Rewards should not be very big inducements but the small gifts given to anybody is well appreciated. A handwritten thank you note is normally appreciated and cherished. Everybody loves chocolate, and provision of such kind of rewards especially at the weekends and special days like Christmas and Valentine days, helps to build positive relationships between the company and the employees.

Gift certificates such as birthday wishes are a morale booster to self-confidence of the employees. Some companies offer their logo merchandizes in form of t-shirts, caps, mugs, pens, jackets and computer mouse pads. In addition, motivational posters could be strategically drafted for individual recognition for job well done. In most cases, people would want to know if their work has made some difference. Provision of such rewards is encouraged.


As a manager, your impact on employee satisfaction is great and immeasurable.  It is therefore important that managers look for convenient, cost-conscious and appreciated ways of motivation in order to build a dynamic, committed and workforce that will result in better productivity and profitability of the organization.


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