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Lorenzo’s Oil Questions

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Lorenzo’s oil questions 1. What was the full name of the boy in the movie? The boy’s full name is Lorenzo Michael Murphy Odone. What was the full name of the disease in the movie? The full name of the disease in the movie is adrenoleukodystrophy. Who can get the disease in the movie? (i. e. Sex, age, etc. ) Males can get the disease at age 2 to 10. They inherit the disease from their mother who is a carrier. How did Lorenzo get the disease? Lorenzo got the disease from his mother who was a carrier of the disease.

What were the first signs of the disease? The first signs of the disease were different behavior, falling, and hearing problems. What effects did the disease have on Lorenzo’s body? The effects the disease had on Lorenzo’s body was that it made him weak and made his body not be able to break down long chains fatty acids. What trial treatments did Lorenzo receive? The trial treatments Lorenzo received were no saturated fat in diet, chemo therapy, olive oil, and olive oil with rapeseed oil. What was the final treatment for this disease?

The final treatment for this disease was olive oil mixed with rapeseed oil. How did Lorenzo’s parents help in finding the treatment? Lorenzo’s parents helped in finding the treatment for the disease by researching and becoming scientists. What award did Lorenzo’s father receive for his great leadership as a parent turned scientist? Lorenzo’s father received a an honorary medical degree award for his great leadership as a parent turned scientist. List important dates and major events throughout the movie.

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Lorenzo’s Oil Questions

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  1. May 29 Lorenzo’s birthday 1984 Family Conference
  2. August 1984 Lorenzo’s parents go study at medical school
  3. October 1984 Mom finds experiment about rats
  4. November 10, 1984 First international symposium
  5. November 21 1985 first try of only olive oil
  6. January 1985 Fat is 50% dropped
  7. February 1985 Fat level not lowering
  8. may 29,1985 Lorenzo’s 7th birthday
  9. September 1985 seventeen months after diagnosis
  10. march 1986 twenty-one months after diagnosis
  11. September 1986 scientist has Lorenzo’s oil done
  12. December 8, 1986 levels read normal, oil worked

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