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Local Environmental Issues

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The environmental problem that is significant in my city would be the water having chemicals in it that causes different parts of town to be on a boil water alert quite often. Due to industrial facilities, large amounts of toxic chemicals and other pollutants are being released into our water. This causes problems for the fish in the ocean and it contaminated our drinking water. This can also cause health problems for the persons consuming the water and even for those swimming in it. In order for a stop to be put to this, we need to have laws enforced in order to protect our rivers and beaches.

The waterways are continually used for dumping grounds for toxic chemicals by polluters. This is causing a great health hazard that can be prevented if laws were put in place. There are several processing plants that contribute to the toxic chemicals being placed into the waterways. Industrial facilities also contribute to the chemicals polluting the water which is also linked to cancer that is being put into the St. John’s River. This problem is liable to cause birth defects or even fertility problems. Some of the chemicals discharged are lead, mercury, and dioxin.

Not only do the toxins contaminate drinking water but it also contaminates the fish that we as people normally eat. There needs to be a law put in place that will not allow these pollutants to enter into our waterways with the probability of causing cancer or other health problems. There should be a reduction in the toxic chemicals discharged to safer alternatives. Permits should be issued with limits on the amount of toxins discharged by giving penalties and warning letters to those that don’t abide by it. Policies should be adopted that allow for water to be clean so that we as the people can be healthy.

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Local Environmental Issues

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