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Leg discussion week

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Bids Competitive Proposals Combination of Competitive Procedures when sealed bidding is not appropriate Other Competitive Procedures such as: Selection of sources for Architect-Engineer contracts in accordance with the provisions of 40 U. S. C. 102 Competitive selection of basic and applied research and that part of development not related to the development of a specific system or hardware procurement resulting from a broad agency announcement or peer or cientific review o Use of multiple award schedules issued by the Administrator of General Services. Determine how government procurement officers can balance getting a good price with getting an effective result - in other words, best value. Contracting officers need to get a great product for a great price.

Best value is not always the cheapest price, when you put your offer on the table you have to actually state best value first before the sending out the bid. Week 2 Discussion 2 "Specification Overload" Please respond to the following: Debate the challenges to government procurement officers in carrying out their Job of writing specifications for everything from translation services to fighter Jets - including the range of expertise that would be required to create specifications in line with FAR requirements.

Agencies may select from existing requirements documents, modify or combine existing requirements documents, or create new procedure. 1. Documents mandated for use by law. 2. Performance-oriented documents. 3. Detailed design-oriented documents. 4. Standards, specification and related publications issued by the government utside the Defense or Federal series for the non-repetitive acquisition of items.

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Leg discussion week

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The specifications may also include a desired contract award date and delivery date, include recommended sources, provide shipping, marking, and packaging information, any other pertinent information such as special terms and condition desired or required by the contract. The degree of information and detail usually reflect the dollar value of the procurement and the nature of the effort. Outsourcing contracts involves the assignment of certain rights and responsibilities over a public ervice to a private firm in exchange for some investment (i. . , time or money. ) Proscribe a method of how full and open competition requirements can be maintained in the outsourcing process. In law 10 U. S. C. A 2688 a government agency will convey utility system ownership to a private entity that will be responsible for the operation, maintenance and capitalization of the infrastructure for a prescribed period and for the provision of sage a reliable utility services to the government in exchange for reasonable compensations.

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