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Change is portion of every organisation. Every decennary informants autumn of a great organisation. The ground behind that is they were non ready to take portion in the alteration that was go oning around them ( D. Ambani laminitis, Chairman Reliance Group Ltd ) . Every organisation with different grounds has to take portion in alteration. The ground may differ from increasing market portion, traveling with the competition, altering with the society or can besides be in order to last in the market. Change is something that is a critical, compulsory and requires all direction maps, which are Planning, Organizing, Staffing, Directing, Co-ordinating, Reporting, and Budgeting ( by Henry Fayol 1937 ) .

Why do we necessitate alter direction?

It is really of import to reply the inquiry why do we necessitate alter direction? Change direction has attributes rather similar to Organizational Development. Than why is at that place a demand to develop a new profession? Answer is rather realistic as alteration direction is broader than OD in that it includes a broader scope of increasing human resource public presentation, development of information engineering/

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Over the old ages many change direction theories and theoretical accounts have developed out of which there are some popular and widely used theories, there are no peculiar front-runner theories for deploying alteration, and it would surely be agreed that the whole construct is comparatively immature and developing.

The whole construct is once more really situational and requires single attack based on the organisation and the alteration it wishes to undergo. But, one of the most popular and widely used alteration direction theory it the McKinsey 's 7S theoretical account, which can non merely be used as a alteration direction theory, but besides in instance of analyzing an organisation and its activities.


Royal Mail letters bestowed with the duty of presenting and roll uping stations from within the United Kingdom is a subordinate of Royal Mail Ltd, which besides manages the POST OFFICE & A ; PARCEL FORCE. Attained its separate individuality in the twelvemonth 1986

The poster industry in United Kingdom was dominated by the Royal Mail, by every bit much as 99 per centum of the local stations being managed by Royal Mail, which since 2005 has been confronting of all time increasing competition. Technological promotion is another external issue the has reduced the possible market size as The Royal Mail posts 9 million less letters than what it used to in the twelvemonth 2005, as more and more concern organisations and persons depend upon E-mails and assorted IT based formats to pass on.

The Issues of alteration

The direction has been confronting rather serious functional and survival issues in past few old ages. The organisation is non executing good in the profitableness standards, as the figure mentioned below will turn out that the direction has serious functional issues to be sorted out to do the operation more effectual. Ever increasing shortage in its pension financess has made the direction to rethink its bing policies and increase its net income to make full the shortage, and in order to run into the market demand and compete with the challengers on similar evidences the direction has to bring on its operation with modern engineering and do their operations more effectual.

Decreasing Net incomes

Royal Mail faced serious functional issues, which made its operation suffer losingss up to ?279 million in the fiscal twelvemonth of 2007. It faced serious issues associating to its traditional methods of screening and delivering, which were critically evaluated to be the premier cause of its losingss. The direction decided to bring on their premier operations which involved sorting and presenting mails with engineering, in signifier of modernisation policy to do the operation and finally the operation of organisation more profitable. The losingss were so terrible that the proposal was passed in the hosiery of common to sell the major interest of Royal Mail to do privatize its operation/

Increasing Competent Competition

After the liberalisation of UK postal services in the twelvemonth 2005, the competition that royal mail faced were of all time increasing. A really good illustration was confronted to the direction when they lost the contract of 8 million lbs to present the 2nd category mail of Amazon Book a really popular cyberspace shopping site.

The direction found out that most of its rivals used high-tech machinery for screening and administering doing them more efficient and therefore deriving the trusts of the clients, and that they are falling behind as they have non been able to overhaul.Therefore, 2nd most of import issue necessitating the direction to do critical technological alterations called for a modernisation policy.

Decrease in Market

Research conducted by the BBC shows that Royal Mail delivers around 75 million stations everyday. It counts to 90 per centum of the UK 's market. The figure might look excessive, but is cut downing at an dismaying rate of 10 per centum every twelvemonth. Plus a crisp addition in figure of cyberspace users have reduced the market of Royal Mail, around 70 per centum of places in UK usage Internet and around 87percent of them send electronic mails.. This decrease in the market shows that the direction needs to be really efficient in their operations.

Pension Fund Deficit

An estimation from the similar research mentioned above shows that royal mail besides faces serious issues in pension fund shortages, which has amounted around 18 billion, These issues forced the direction to travel things otherwise, and to come up with a policy that make their operations more profitable, and the could vouch their endurance and being as UK taking mail administering organisation.

The Modernization Policy of Royal Mail

It is really clear, that a stringent policy was required to undertake all the issue ( mentioned supra ) that direction faced and to prolong in long tally, the direction did the exact thing by bordering a modernisation policy, which could be called as a type of procedure alteration by Pull offing alteration and passage Harvard Business Essential. The policy required the direction to bring on extra finance of around 1.2 billion in modern machine. Modern machinery meant that estimated 40,000 employees will free their occupations, and the policy besides focused on altering the agenda of the employee, to do their labour hr direction more effectual.

The purpose of modernisation policy was to undertake and startle Royal mail working against all the above mentioned issues. The inducement of excess finance for machinery would intend that the operation of mail would be more effectual, speedier and able to vie with the increasing and competent competition. The decrease in staff would ensue into cost effectual operations and therefore increasing its net income and ensuing into lessening in its pension fund shortages.

Resistance to the Modernization Policy

The framing of policy was such that would make obvious opposition from the staff/union. The policy execution estimated around 40,000 occupation cuts, which increased to around 63,000 in the twelvemonth 2010 and could farther increase harmonizing to the CWU ( Communication Workers Union, which represented the Staff of Royal Mail ) . The Union agreed with direction on the staff decrease for endurance, but disagreed on the gait of occupation cuts and the wage rise issues.

It would be undue towards the direction if I said that they failed to follow the alteration direction theory, of McKinsey 's seven 'S ' . The information shows that they prepared and coordinated all the seven 'S ' within their organisation, including the staff for the alteration they wanted to implement by subscribing a contract in 2007 with the CWU saying their consent to implement the modernisation policy.

A confrontation and consent with CWU gave a spell to the alteration policy to be implemented, and the execution began in the twelvemonth 2008 all around UK, but when the same reached London, as per the fright of CWU the occupation loss had already reached the outlook as mentioned above and it could no longer digest ignorance of staff over implementing the policy. Demanding a clearer image and direct engagement in the execution of the 2nd stage of the alteration policy the brotherhood showed agitation in the twelvemonth 2009, and presented direction with below mentioned demands and a committedness from direction to be able to successfully implement their demands. Management were neither capable nor wishing to carry through their demand, i.e.

Pay rise that would do their wage equal to the national norm ( which would be about 27 % ) . The demand made by the CWU workers were non merely hideous, but merely non viably for the organisation to follow, ensuing in a series of national degree work stoppage by the CWU interrupting non merely the normal operation of the Royal Mail, but impeding the execution of its policy and badly impacting little concern in the UK ( who still rely on poster and having checks, etc.

The work stoppages started from August 2009 ensuing into series of work stoppage boulder clay November 2009, and came on a clasp on history of Christmas.. The impact of work stoppage can non be represented in figure, but the blow was to the public presentation of the companies as the little concern shifted to other courier suppliers to take attention of their mail.

Harmonization between Management and the Union.

On 8th March 2010, a study from the BBC conformed that direction of Royal Mail has successfully been able to carry the Union to assist implement the modernisation policy. Demands of Union were cohesively fitting underpinning the benefits of both the stakeholders. Management agreed to give a wage rise of 6.9 % over three old ages and an extra monitory fillip of ?1,400 to all full clip employees. In bends, the Union agreed to utilize the modern engineering in their sorting offices, and cut down their hours from 40 to 39.

The agitation and opposition with the brotherhood was dealt with but, the lone inquiry to be asked here was the trade clip effectual for the direction and the organisation? The national degree work stoppage started in center of 2009 and the common understanding between the direction and the staff was reached following twelvemonth in the month of March 2010. The inability of the direction to come on common evidences with the brotherhood at the very clip of execution can non be overseen. Every alteration has its ain opposition, that is were demand of alteration direction arises, direction has to calculate and happen out ways to undertake all the factors positive or negative to expeditiously implement alteration.

My position on the Change / Modernization policy adopted by the direction of Royal Mail would be a failure. It certainly adopted with McKinsey 's 7S but surely failed to follow/ the theory. They wholly failed to convey the Staff together with all other S. Although the cost of it might be hard for me to turn out but, it is proved from a study by BBC that it hired 30,000 staff from bureau to run into with merely its regular demand in state of affairs of national degree work stoppages. This should hold increased the cost of Royal mails daily working, and the losingss it might hold incurred non being able to utilize the machinery it had invested 1.2 billion in.

This pandemonium in execution of alteration policy has made me understand that Timely execution of the alteration policy plays a critical function in its success. Royal Mail surely failed in implementing the alteration policy in a timely and efficient mode.

Personal Deduction

Every alteration policy has a station mortem study, I would measure the alteration policies execution of Royal Mail as a Failure and a most of import lesson to be taken away by improper execution of this policy is how of import the engagement of staff becomes in effectual execution of the alteration policy, and how an full organisation 's growing can be curtailed to failure merely by non being able to clearly facing and affecting one factor into its policy.

Effective leading is really of import for an organisation as it provides the vision for the organisation and all its stakeholders. In instance of Royal Mail the direction clearly failed on below mentioned personally analyzed points

It failed to be effectual leaders as they failed to supply the vision to the Union and hence the staff about the effects of the alteration and how many of them will be straight every bit good as indirectly affected by the existent execution of alteration.

"When of all time human communities are forced to set to switching conditions hurting is of all time present '' , John P. Kotter Leading Change, 1996, Pg 4, the direction in this instance clearly failed to tag these points and continued to come on alteration until it was met with rough opposition.

Failures in pass oning for bargain in by John P. Kotter & A ; Deloitte Consultancy LLC 2002. The direction failed to pass on from bosom about the waies of alteration before get downing the enterprise of alteration. A failure can be associated with all the negatives and the 'do n't ' but in my position these grounds could in brief amount up the alteration procedure / modernisation policy adopted by Royal Mail.

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