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Latin and United States

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Apush Revolution is a huge change of power under a very short period of time. The world revolution comes from the Latin language and is defined as “a turn around”. It is an overthrow of government by the human population being governed. It is a very sudden event, which can last from 5 months to ten years. Changes occur regardless over a short period of time. America was a revolution whether we like it or not. It went through many changes under such a short period of time, which would consider it a revolution. America has hosted many revolutions. The country itself has been an entire revolution.

We still go through many changes as a country, as we grow and build. In addition, America has grown incredibly quick since it was found by Christopher Columbus in 1492. We have become diverse. Take slavery, which was abolished and now nonexistent in this country. We have the ability to change drastically which is a beautiful thing. Standing up for our rights is what has changed our country incredibly. Unfortunately, people claim America was never considered a revolution. These humans do not look deeply under the surface of the situation though. Take all of the arguments and battles that we have been through.

Take example, pilgrims settling in America for the first time. They formed communities, to towns. We then populated over the entire United States. Our country is the epitome of change. In conclusion, the United States of America will always be considered a revolution all on its own. Too many changes have occurred in this country for it not to be a revolution. People are welcome to argue the point, but everyone in the end knows the real answer. We should be happy with the fact of our country being able to change so well. It is something not many countries our capable of.

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Latin and United States essay

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