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Kudler and the True Meaning of Marketing

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Use the Virtual Organization link on the student website to access additional company information on Kudler Fine Foods. Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper in which you justify the importance of marketing research in developing Kudler Fine Foods’ marketing strategy and tactics. Include the following: Identify the areas where additional market research is needed. Analyze the importance of competitive intelligence and analysis regarding the development of Kudler Fine Foods’ marketing strategy and tactics.

A marketing analysis conducted for the Kudler Fine Foods to obtain a complete and comprehensive review of the potential the organizational strategic plan of Kudler fine foods from, marketing view points and, customer viewpoints. Also going through the marketing strategies of Kudler will allow an understanding of the company's competitiveness within the organization and with other known business like Kudler fine foods. This will allow us to tell the weather or not Kudler fine foods is a reliable and successful company or if it needs major improvements to keep up with the standards set forth by the competitors.

Kudler Fine Foods has a strong self-driven and determined market and work place. Some ways they make themselves a great part of the exclusive market of fine foods. Some of Kudler’s ways Kudler makes this possible is by the expertise that is given with the gourmet setting at all the locations from the wine to the cheeses and other fine foods. Kudler went over and beyond to make sure the expertise was carried out by the use of the surveys they had customers and visitors to complete in 2010 and 2011.

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According to these surveys, Kudler showed strengths and weakness that they hold above the competitors are the outstanding customer relations and the enormous selection of the world’s best fine foods. The gourmet food was satisfactory for the money that was spent and appreciated by the majority of their customers. The high quality food for the right price and how the right price is deterred is another fine example of the marketing research.

Some weaknesses of Kudler is indicated in the same customer surveys that where received these included the marketing Kudler uses for customer service and the display of the merchandise. In this instance Kudler can easily change the way it displays the merchandise and make the displays more attractive to make the equally appeal the intended customers. This Is a great example of when Kudler needs to do marketing research to help find answers and resources to fix the problems.

Excellent customer service is Kudler’s primary focus this was noticed by the majority of the customers that responded to the surveys. It is impossible to please everyone and Kudler knows this, but is striving to do the best job possible. A possible way to change the outlook of some Kathy Kudler could retrain her staff by reminding them of the importance of Kudler’s customers and the service they are given when visiting Kudler fine foods. It is with the upmost importance that business need to remember is that customer service is and should be to upmost priority in a prospering business.

Without excellent customer service is it impossible to have a high achieving company like Kudler fine foods Kudler Fine Foods is an astonishing company with the highest goals in providing the upmost best in customer satisfaction to the extent of the capabilities of the gourmet superstar. Kudler is dedicated to making everyone’s experience the best possible. When at Kudler’s they make sure if you can’t find it in the store that they find a way to find it for you. Keeping this in mind Kudler fine foods is a highly competitive business structure with some of the best priorities that there could be.

Kudler can and will be a highly remarkable company in the future as long as they keep up the importance of outstanding customer service and relations. Also it is a must that Kudler keeps up with the changing demand structures in the economy to keep a large supply of the demanded goods. With excellent service and an excellent inventory this company will prosper and grow. A Kudler fine food has a mild marketing approach at some point it may be necessary to change the marketing approach to meet the demand of the company and the sales.

Keeping a close eye on the market and its competitors is a must. Some down falls of Kudler fine foods could be the focus on the surveys. Lowering the drive for the surveys could help ease some of the customer’s feedback, but with this in mind it may be a necessary to keep the comfort of the customers. Keeping customer satisfaction is a must. At the same time and can be over done in the ways the company harps on the surveys. One possible way of correcting this issue is to simply ask in person if there are any concerns or anything they would like to see.

Another way this can be achieved is to have a comment box on the company web site and in the stores. This could be a nonchalant way of getting the information needed without harassing the customers with bothersome surveys. For the most part customers do only gripe or complain if something is wrong. On the other side of this note many customers will let you know if you ask, but the way this is asked can be done in other ways. Some companies use marketing schemes at the checkout such as promotions and bugging customers with questions at checkout this is not always the way to do things though.

This type of conduct can annoy and bother customers. An annoyed customer is most likely not going to come back unless they just half to. Keeping competitive and treating customers with the best of care is a quality that is lacking in society and the business community today. Kudler fine food is well on its way to setting the mild stone of the customer relations world. Keeping this standard along with the highest competitive prices and outstanding selection of gourmet foods will drive this company in a good and prosperous direction.


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