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The True Meaning of Integrity

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Integrity is a term that is best understood in a contextual setting whose origin can be traced back to Latin. The term originates from integrities, which means wholesomeness or soundness. However, most people often take the word for granted. What exactly does the concept appreciate? The term cuts across in several fields, be it medicine, science, and even technology. Nevertheless, the variance in the understanding of the concept is tied to the original meaning.


In areas of technology and science, the definition of integrity follows the Latin origin. For instance, in computer science, integrity revolves around information uprightness since integrity is a data security prerequisite. This is relevant from data generation, amid information transport and storage. Thus, programmers design methodologies to uphold the integrity of systems, such as preventing corruption of frameworks with malware.

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The True Meaning of Integrity

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In other fields like medicine, application of the term such as in Integrative medicine, it seeks to restore and maintain health and wellness across a person's lifep. This is through the understanding of all the causes of an illness, it is not just limited to treatment, and healthcare is personalized. Hence, the present health needs, as well as the influence of long-term effects, is taken into consideration.

Integrity as a concept can be ethically defined as genuineness and honesty or one's exactness in their activities. This implies that integrity is the strict observance of and abidance of preset principles of artistic values. The base of honesty is tied in making the best choice notwithstanding when it's not recognized by others or helpful for you. Integrity deals with the real self and analysis of self-convictions.

In ancient Greeks, integrity is conceptually discussed using the persona. The persona relates the expectations of the society versus individual capabilities, notwithstanding the disparities in place. In this context, the actions of an individual are guided by the demands. Thus, people have two selves; public self and private self. The public self, most times is corrupted by expectations. Therefore, people just act as per the templates of the behavioral dictates of the society when in public. In private, the true self manifests itself. Under such circumstances, one is not compelled to react in any predefined manner; the actions are entirely based on personal judgment and mindset.

Daily, we are faced with instances where integrity is required. Consider a boss, who on his way to work is held up in traffic or an emergency. When he finally gets to work, he finds the waiting room full of clients who have been waiting for him all the while. Him, having a position of higher ranks, might decide to just proceed without any remorse, or apologize for late arrival.

The boss would show integrity by explaining to those whom he has delayed by accounting for the lateness. However, in normal situations, the imbalance of power will cloud the judgment of the boss, thus no apologies. The study of integrity faces challenges which limit the understanding. Challenges like numerous definitions, limited research with scanty proposed evaluation theories, and empirical analysis are not enough. This prompts the need to redefine the concept as well as conducting a more detailed research to further the understanding.


Integrity can best be described as compelling oneself into the standards of the society all rounds. This implies that when one acts in respect to the values irrespective of their own convictions. This way, an individual merges both the public and private persona to achieve a blend that is applicable both in the presence of others and alone?

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