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Kite Festival

Rino Bnao EN 101-4 Karen Millam Sep 14, 2012 Taiwanese Kite Festival Kite Festival is the event where people made different kind of kites to fly them. Few days ago I went to Delap to attend the kite festival. I really enjoyed the event and although there are many reasons why I like about the kite Festival, few major facts why I like the event the most and catches my attention.

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First reason why I like the event is that the Taiwanese allowed the kids to fly and played their kites. Each kid that I saw during the event was really happy.

They enjoyed playing with the different kind of kites. The Taiwanese even gave the kids each a small kite that they can play with it and fly it around and enjoyed the day. Another reason why I like the event is the Kites. There are about ten to fifteen kites that flying in the air. Each kite shape like different kind of animals and that one thing that catches my attention. I even asked myself why is all the kites shape like an animal. Later on after interviewing or talking with one of the team member, I found out that an animal is the best shape that they used.

He said that the every entire kite they fly will always be an animal’s shape. Each kite has different kind of color and they look bright with their color. Finally I like the event because I learn something from it. First thing that I learn is how to make it and what materials that used to make a kite. According to them, Bamboo stick and silk is the best material to make a kite. They show us how they made it and it was really awesome seeing them making a kite for the kids.

I also learn that the event is really important because they bring back the Taiwanese or Chinese history and of course bring flying sport to Marshall Island. Also learned what are the kite for and there are many things that they can use for the kite. For example they used the kite for sport and also for war. Small or big kites can be both useful for many reasons. In conclusion, I really admired the colorful kites that surrounded me. I enjoyed the event because I learn good thing about kite and how useful, colorful, awesome they are. This entire thing catches my attention. I was surprise when I saw them.