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Kanyon Information Technology Solutions

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Kanyon Information Technology Solutions deals with CRM and ERP software, IT Tier 1& 2 Support, Security Solution (network security and such) and ITIL consulting services. The target consumers for these services are the other business houses. In this case, the best approach would be contacting the prospects or target consumers directly through company representatives. The best way for the company is to have a zero level or one level distribution channel.

Business organizations can be contacted in various ways. The concerned people from the target organizations read business magazines and journals, IT magazine and journals, visit various websites, trade shows, technology shows, events and exhibitions and many others.  These marketing avenues can be capitalized in order to advertise and market these products.

Print Media:

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Print media being traditional way of advertising and marketing are still acceptable people finding it convenient to carry a magazine and read it in their free time. There are numbers of business journals, news papers, IT journals and others which advertise IT and business products. Companies can identify their target consumer and their reading habits and advertise its products and solutions in the same.


These products are targeted for businesses. It will be beneficial for the company to advertise these on different websites. When a prospect consumer will start looking for IT solutions, he is most likely to check search engines first. The company can advertise as well as can have its own website. The advertising cost in website will be less.

Trade shows and other Events:

This is other important way to contact target consumers. Trade shows offers an opportunity to demonstrate your products and solutions to the prospective clients. The IT and industry specific trade shows will allow Kanyon Information Technology Solutions to develop their advertising material and business plan according to the industry specific needs.

Competitive Sales Force:

Competitive sales for can be hired and trained for the product demonstrations and selling. The sales team can comprise of experienced people from the industry or competitors. They can have aggressive sales targets and proper support and facilities to meet these targets.


KITS can also appoint retailers for marketing of their services. These retailers may have expertise of selling IT products and solutions to the market place. They can be dealing with products and solutions of other IT companies as well. This will allow company to have a retailer with experience and consumer data base. The retailer may contact its existing customers and cross sell or up sell KITS products.

Using Wholesaler:

Use of wholesaler for the IT products will increase the cost of final product. Wholesaler will contact retailers to sell the products and solutions to the market place. The control of KITS over the retailers would be less. The products may face the problem of different pricing and offers from different wholesalers and their retailers. The channel conflict will be higher and company will have lesser control. IT products are prone to fast changes. It is dangerous for the company to have its product in the form of inventory. Higher the numbers of members in the distribution channel higher will be the inventory time. This will increase the risk of getting products and solutions out dated and out of market place.


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