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Justification Of Location

Latty’s Beauty salon will be located in the town of Cave Valley in the parish of St. Ann. The entrepreneur chooses this location for several reasons, these include the availability of land for the entrepreneur to operate business on, the availability of labour, there are persons searching for such works and this will be of good help to them and also for competition because there is little or no competition thus the business has a advantage to maximize its profits.

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There are few businesses in the area therefore there is sufficient and suitable space for the business which is affordable. The type of labour needed is both skilled and semi-skilled. This is mainly because the entrepreneur wants to ensure that persons business to the salon is able to work efficiently and effectively. The business will employ a total of seven (7) persons. Four skilled or semi-skilled hair dressers, three skilled nail technicians and one supervisor.

The supervisor will monitor the performance of workers to ensure the objectives of the business are met, and motivating workers to stay on the task they are assigned t until the task is accomplished. The reason this type of labour is necessary is to carry out the production process efficiently and is skilled at what they are doing. The supervisor must have at least 2 years’ experience in supervising a business or a salon at that. 2 CXC and a certificate is required by the nail technicians and the hair dressers should be capable of doing the tasks required or a certificate.